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1&1 Ionos: Much more than a web host

Leader in web hosting in Europe, 1&1 IONOS also offers other services. This Cloud service provider even has a tool dedicated to professional videoconferencing. The next lines will tell you more.

Ionos 1&1 offers various types of hosting for websites

Owned by the German consortium United Internet AG, the company 1&1 was founded 30 years earlier. This web hosting company is named Ionos following a merger with Profit Bricks, the expert in Cloud Computing and offshore infrastructure. Currently, it has 13 million customers. The platform claims to have hosted more than 19 million addresses on the Web. Which earned it the status of leader in the sector throughout Europe.

The European number 1 in website hosting offers a wide range of services. The registration of domain names constitutes its spearhead. Its services are appreciated by publishers because of its relative reliability coupled with proven speed. Then, the platform also has the merit of being flexible. Users can easily adapt their sites according to allocated resources.

Just like its competitor Wix, the company 1&1 IONOS suggests opening online stores and setting up various types of websites. Publishers have a large choice of models depending on their sector of activity. The templates and designs also adapt to the operation desired by the client. The service provider offers the “drag & drop” interface so that users can easily create their websites. The offers are accessible to people who do not have training as webmasters or computer engineers. Novice web entrepreneurs will thus be able to implement a real web marketing strategy, especially since the host provides you with a well-stocked toolbox.

The platform also suggests Cloud services

After joining forces with Profit Bricks, the company 1&1 IONOS has become an expert in online services. The Cloud is becoming another specialty of the house. The company suggests users configure an online server in just a few seconds. Technically, each server is equipped with an Intel Xeon CPU processor. They have a large storage capacity with SAN SSD support.

Ionos Cloud users are free to choose the operating system that suits them. In particular, they have the possibility of managing their infrastructure under Windows or with the Linux OS. Hardware and software resources are free. Then, performance can be upgraded according to the needs of each user. The interface allows intuitive settings. In any case, simplicity is the hallmark of 1&1.

Businesses or individuals, anyone who needs a reliable host can count on 1&1. The latter offers IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service services. It is the ideal solution for online sales applications with significant traffic. Ionos IaaS focuses on confidentiality and data security. The data for the backup is doubly backed up to protect against the loss of servers following a fire, for example.

A specialist in object back-up and archiving

Ionos adds data backup to its services. The company’s Data Centers store information in the form of (virtual) S3-type objects. This is quite simply the recommended format for making website backups. Unlike other providers in the sector, 1&1 does not count the resources used in its invoices. For maximum security, the data is kept in two separate locations.

Fans of cloud computing and big data can benefit from an IT infrastructure tailored to their needs. To secure traffic, the company uses a latest generation firewall capable of thwarting DDoS type cyberattacks. This barrier is reinforced by IDS/IPS and SIEM technologies which make PCs tamper-proof. Virtual servers are connected to this infrastructure so that customers can benefit from the various advantages of the Cloud.

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Taking great care with its customers, 1&1 provides all the necessary information on the operation of their systems. The company also mobilizes advisors to teach them the best ways to benefit from Cloud Computing. Experts sometimes recommend ways to reduce archiving costs. Choosing an architecture adapted to the real needs of the client is an excellent tip for saving on backup budget.

Multiple advantages for a good host

The choice of a web host has a strategic significance for any company wishing to sustain its activities. SEO consultants recommend trusting a company that already has several years of experience. The implementation of an SEO strategy will be greatly facilitated by relying on an experienced partner. Indeed, Google takes into account all the characteristics of your site, including page loading speed. Be aware, for example, that choosing a remote server will slow down the loading of your portal pages.

A host promoting a culture of excellence offers users unlimited hardware resources which make it possible to cope with a traffic peak. By opting for the appropriate formula, it is possible to avoid slowdowns during peak hours. Conversely, if the server is still using old, tired machines, pages will take longer to display. Visitors will quickly get tired of it and surf elsewhere.

Search engines are particularly uncompromising when it comes to consistency. If the requested pages are often under construction or moved, Google penalizes by downgrading the site in the results. A web portal that is inaccessible for days will lose visibility on results pages. The efforts made to improve the positioning of the site will therefore be reduced to nothing.

A tool for video conferencing

At a time of a global pandemic, videoconference discussions have become essential. Respecting social distancing, this solution allows companies to remain productive without exposing their employees to COVID19. Supporting this strategy, IONOS has launched its own teleworking tool. Towards the end of 2020, the firm developed Video Chat. This platform developed in partnership with STARFACE is based on the VoIP security system. Although it meets the standards imposed by the GDPR, it remains completely free. Video Chat competes directly with Slack, Zoom and other players in the sector.

The 1&1 videoconferencing platform has the particularity of being easy to use. As usual, Ionos suggests a tool that can be handled intuitively. With just a few clicks, companies can host a virtual meeting. Employees will be able to quickly join others. The icing on the cake is that a fictitious room can be rented for the occasion for optimal security. The service is accessible without the slightest need to create an account since everything happens on the browser.

24 people can be in a single telemeeting session. Everyone benefits from features such as screen sharing, private message. It is even possible to mute participants who are too noisy. Access to these discussions is encrypted. You need a password to join other members of the group. Personal data is systematically deleted by Ionos and transfers benefit from the reliability of TLS encryption.