Essential Tools for the Flutter Mobile App Developer

12 Essential Tools for the Flutter Mobile App Developer

The Flutter framework, developed by Google, is becoming the favorite of cross-platform application developers day by day. And there are several unique reasons for this scenario. One such reason is Flutter’s unique development and integration tools.

So, here we are absolutely going to provide you with the twelve essential tools that if you are going to add to your Flutter mobile app, then no other tool can beat its performance.

Here is the list :

#1. Square

Square is an in-app tool that is used for managing payments in Flutter mobile apps. This powerful tool is capable of handling all kinds of obstacles that usually stand in the way of payment processing. So, using this essential tool, your flutter mobile app will start receiving in-app payments on a customizable user interface, with support for stored cards and digital wallets for quick payment.

#2. WonderPush

Wonderpush is another in-app messaging tool used in the form of Flutter push notifications with the aim of boosting user engagement with your Flutter mobile app. This powerful tool is packed with effective features that allow you to easily perform productive tasks like geotargeting, segmentation, A/B testing, and at a very affordable price.

#3. InstaBug

Instabug is a tool for Flutter mobile apps where real-time contextual information can be used for various purposes, such as reporting crashes or bugs, feature requests, and surveys. When you integrate this amazing tool with your flutter mobile app, you give your users the option to report bugs in the app instead of leaving the app.

#4. AppsFlyer

This is an essential Flutter app mobile attribution tool that allows you to get insights about your users and where they are coming from to access your Flutter app. And when you have this kind of crucial information, you can definitely plan your future mobile app marketing campaigns.

#5. Amplitude

Amplitude is a well-known flutter mobile app tool used for analytics where you can get the idea of ​​your users and how they interact with your app. Thanks to its advantages, Amplitude has become one of the most popular and loved development tools.

#6. CodeMagic

This CI/CD tool is created by Nevertool only for Flutter apps environment. This advanced tool simply helps you integrate all your favorite tools with a Flutter app so that you can automate the entire scenario regarding testing, building, and release pipeline.

#7. Plume

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It’s simply an open-source, browser-based material theme tool for your Flutter mobile app. Using this tool, you can easily create attractive and highly customizable flutter mobile app themes. Additionally, you can also customize the colors of your widgets and components, then easily export your custom theme in theme.dart format.

#8. RevenueCat

This is absolutely important for your flutter mobile app because subscription management is highly essential for every platform, whether it is Android, iOS, Flutter or Stripe. By integrating this tool, you can easily manage as well as create user subscriptions, in-app purchases to automate the complete billing infrastructure.

#9. AirShip

Airship is this Flutter mobile app tool that is used to boost customer engagement for your mobile app using in-app messages and Flutter push notifications. By using this essential tool, you can literally improve the conversion rate of your Flutter mobile app.


It is an open source platform for your mobile application particularly used for analytics with the intention of ensuring privacy and providing security to your application data. If you are using the free version of this tool, you can simply track the KPIs as well as basic metrics of your Flutter mobile app to know its performance. However, the paid version of this tool is also available to enjoy extended features.

#11. Sylph

It is a command line tool made available to you in open source format. This type of tool is essential for your flutter mobile application where you can easily run flutter integration with hundreds of real Android and iOS devices for end-to-end testing in the AWS device farm.

#12. SuperNova

To convert your Adobe XD and Sketch mobile designs into native front-end code for Android, React Native, iOS and Flutter as well, you basically needed this SuperNova tool. With the help of this Flutter app tool, you can easily import your app design as there will be no duplication and fake asset creation as Supernova will take care of it. Besides, you can also edit the design by yourself and view the changes made to the application code in real time.

Conclusion :

Here we have provided you with the twelve essential tools for your Flutter mobile app. By integrating all of these tools into your Flutter mobile app, you can literally improve your mobile app performance and drive better conversions.