23 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re Addicted to Pokémon

It took me about half an hour to decide whether or not to turn off the console. I had to think about it carefully because rumors were that it could hamper my gaming for countless hours, but the alternative if everything went well was to get a Squirtle cloned with a Masterball so what is it.

This and other crazy things are what you would remember if you were a true Pokémon fan in your day (or still are), and today we wanted to collect a few for you to remember with affection, nostalgia and, why not, also give you the opportunity to remember how sick we were at that time.

Magikarp, you first

you must evolve a Magikarp to make it evolve into Gyarados. What should I do? But all this shitty fish does is wag its tail! Splash? How can this be an attack? How will I get a water dragon from fighting a turbot?

Don’t worry, take him to the Pokémon League, put him first in your party, and switch him as soon as you start battling.

Later, it’s much easier to distribute the experience with the item, but on the first pass, doing things like that was really painful.

And that’s how I scare away the tired

Popular wisdom said that wearing a Pokemon A high level first in your party would prevent the weaker bugs from bothering you too much when you’re about to do something important. I never found out if it worked, but at least it seemed that when the repellent ran out, you could enjoy the game a little more without game interruption. tired rats .

The Art of Pokémon Cloning

Imagine having a team made up of level 100 Charizards. Yes, that team wouldn’t last long in a water gym, but back then, nothing was cooler than a Charizard and the ability to clone Pokémon ( and the objects that accompanied them) was an option. too juicy not to turn off our Game Boy when streaming was at 50% . More than one person would have a heart attack if the cartridge did something strange when they turned the console back on.

The day Uri Geller became farruco

At this moment Pokemon It was sacred, so whenever anyone dared to question the genius behind our afternoons of vice, they were disavowed by the community of children. There were several, but the most famous was Uri Geller and his complaint to Nintendo for using his image to inspire Kadabra and his spoon.

The Hitmonchan boxer thing didn’t make sense

But Kadabra wasn’t the only ‘Pokémon’ to benefit from the inspiration to become reality, others like Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee, named after Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, also had their share of reality. What is curious is that, contrary to what usually happens, the translation was fantastic in its passage to the West, maintaining the homage that already came from the Japanese version, even if there their names were Girls and Sawamular by fighters Hiroyuki Ebihara and Tadashi Sawamura.

People eat Pokémon

Do you remember how much we loved PETA for criticizing Pokemon saying that animals were being mistreated? Too imperfect to recognize that the Nintendo gaming universe is crazy in which they don’t even hide it people eat their own friends . Yes, that’s why Farfetch’d was on the verge of disappearing.


Yes, people are terrible

That the people of the world Pokemon This has nothing to do with their use of animals for public enjoyment or the fact that they cook them when they get tired of them, the most insane trait that characterizes them is that they keep Darumaka’s excrement in their pockets to keep warm in winter. “As their excrement is very hot, older people put it in their pockets to warm up.” Everything is fine .

Someone found the descriptions

And the case of Kabutops is not the only one. In fact, just give a walk through the Pokédex only to end up seeing the game with very different eyes. Warning: “he waits for people to die, so he usually wanders around hospitals” or “kids holding a Drifloon sometimes disappear” and not to mention “his tongue is made of gas”. If it licks its victim, it will suffer from constant tremors until it dies. Well, all right, listen.

Put a Kabutops in your life

What a great thing to be able to have a Pikachu that charges your console so you don’t have to remove the batteries or be tethered to the outlet. But despite our firm desire to have a Pokémon at home , we lost our desire the day we started reading the descriptions of some of them. A Kabutops at home after reading “it cuts its prey with its claws and absorbs its fluids”…? No, they would be better off staying on the console.



There is a Pokemon secret, I read it in the Hobby! And everyone looked like idiots in the grass waiting for this tangle of code to appear. In the end, this turned out to be true, not like the rest of the hoaxes that existed at the time, but it was nothing more than an error in the game, a flaw that the developers used to include new bugs or use some of the ones that didn’t really seem playable. If he Aerodactyl huesudo was also a missing number.

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Censorship even in the soup

But if the series took us even further into the world Pokemon In some ways, censorship was responsible for removing the dubious privilege of seeing a James with bouncy breasts or a naked man covered in Pokemon bug. It didn’t just stay in the show, things from the game like miniskirts, winking girls or even the first trans character in the saga .

Venonat and the Pokémon butanero

There is something here that doesn’t suit me, many of us think when we see certain developments. Because it was clear that Buterfree and Venonat had something strange happening. Well yes you were right, it happened that someone made a mistake in the order and in reality Butterfree came from Venonat and Metapod’s transformation was supposed to be Venomoth .


Pokémon with a floral print? Hush girl

I’m sure you also sent that girl out to pasture who suggested there should also be a pink Pokémon with a floral print. But the fact that this conversation was absurd has little or nothing to do with how crazy this saga can become. Someone must have been upset that we were making fun of this girl and in the end they created this Pokemon .

Ho-OH premature

The only name of Pokemon which in addition to being a palindrome (there are several) can be read even if the console is upside down. But no, we don’t come here to talk about this nonsense, as curious as it may be. In case of Ho-Oh It’s special because it’s the only one Pokemon that we saw before it even existed. Do you remember the first episode of the series? Take a look at it again.

I found a secret city

Another much-talked-about bug at the time that took you into a zone where the tangle of numbers and drawings made the game unplayable. The error was executed when leaving the Safari area and returning to an area of ​​the map with limited exits, something unusual, but if you decide save the game to show it to someone and then you didn’t have any Pokémon to fly or teleport with… Ouch.


You are the worst. Yes, you don’t have a heart

But of course, the Pokemon They are very passionate creatures, they overflow with feelings through their pores and it is precisely for this reason that they are also very sensitive. Have you ever wondered why there is Pokemon What evolved during their exchange? What if they did it to try to surprise their new coach for fear of another abandonment? The idea really pisses you off, doesn’t it?

This Mewtwo looks like a Giegue

This bug looks familiar to me, and it’s not because it’s a clone of Mew starring in an incredibly bad movie (although they say it’s all the dub’s fault and the original version features a character very different).

The developments of Attached to the earth And the one of Pokemon They went hand in hand during the latter phase of the first, resulting in the buggy game ending up being released almost at the end of the life of the Nintendo portable and the final enemy of an RPG also ended up being that of the new franchise.

Matching a cat and a whale

And despite this, no one thought it was a bad idea to pair a cat with a 50-foot whale so they could procreate. Skitty and Wailord They became a meme for obvious reasons and we still wonder how our poor Skitty is still alive after such an experience.


My Spinda is cooler than yours

Look at my Spinda, well look at mine, well mine is different too. And so on until 4,294,967,295 possible combinations who focused on the character of the bug to shape its spots. Add in the color variation and you can double that number and never again believe that “getting them all” was possible.

Stop pressing buttons while capturing. Oh really

The old trick is to press A when the Pokéball hits the Pokémon and hold the button until the capture is successful. It never fails, does it? Yes, sure, tell that to the person who spent hours trying to capture a damn Tauros in the Safari Zone. In the end it turned out that pressing the buttons when capturing was another hoax, everything is reduced to a simple probability equation in which it does not affect anything we do once we get the Pokéball launched, but that did not prevent that many of us continue to do it by instinct . Yes, I include myself.

Without a father and without rooms, but with a console

Nintendo and its details of pure love. Normally the first thing you do in a game is start turning the plot cogs as quickly as possible, but what you were doing in Pokémon yes or yes it was to check what new console did you have in your room .


Gary Miyamoto

Calling our character Red was a bit corny, so we all went with Ash, just like in the show. What’s interesting about all of this is that the original name was very different and, why are we kidding ourselves, over time we also realized that they were a lot cooler. The Japanese names were Satoshi for Ash and Shigeru for Gary, and both were based on Satoshi Tajiri creator of Pokémon Yes Shigeru Miyamoto which needs no introduction.

A caterpillar at home

And I’ll leave this for last because the first thing you’re going to do is go look up where to find one when you’re done reading this. You can have a caterpillar at home . It won’t evolve or do any attacks beyond eating your plants, but it’s a cute little thing that you’re probably looking forward to. Error, the Pokemon free on the ground.