3 factors that influence the price of a mobile application

Mobile applications are programs developed by developers to perform one or more tasks. In practice, some studies estimate that 258 billion applications are expected to be downloaded in 2022. This makes this sector a booming market that many want to enter. However, designing a mobile application involves a certain cost that is important to plan for. Discover some factors that influence this price.

The developers

how much does a mobile app costcall a specialist rather than going it alone. Developers or development agencies offer hourly rates for their services. Depending on how long your application will take to be developed, you will have to pay a specific amount. The more prestigious the agency you contact, the higher the rates.

However, this is an essential condition if you wish to obtain a application that meets your needs. Each application has its specificities and requires precise design work. You will therefore need to focus on skills that will bring you convincing results.

mobile application price

The type of application

Another criterion which defines the cost of your application is his type. Each application has its particularities, however their main source of categorization is the type of mobile application. There are several. These are among others:

  • entertainment applications (games, music, videos, photos, etc.),
  • supporting applications (alarm clock, weather, sport, personal development, etc.),
  • applications for the provision of goods and services (e-commerce, delivery, reservations, etc.),
  • applications dedicated to news.

Each of them requires a specific construction in order to effectively fulfill its role. Depending on the objective of your application, you may also be required to integrate other services which will vary its price. If you opt for an application based on a website or accessible via a social network, you can save money. On the other hand, you lose the possibility of having a database specific to your company and usable by you. In addition, depending on the operating system of your application (Android, iOS or Windows), it will have a level of compatibility. Limiting or expanding it will systematically increase the design cost.

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Features and design quality

The functionality of an application is what determines its usefulness, but also its cost. An application that has the right features is in fact almost entirely independent. Some features even allow you to perform complex tasks. They then meet the needs of the user, which pushes the latter to use the application frequently. However, the more features you plan for your app, the higher its cost. Additionally, since not all functions have the same scope, some, more complex, are more expensive. In fact, to save money, focus only on useful and complete features for your application.

Once you have chosen all the elements of your application, it will need a unique design. Again, the cost may vary depending on the quality of construction. However, keep in mind that an attractive and “responsive” platform is more appreciated in the user experience. We therefore recommend that you seek advice from a specialist in order to save money without altering the quality of your application.