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3 things to consider before buying an external hard drive

By definition, a hard drive is a fixed data storage device. You will find them in most desktop PCs, laptops and external storage devices. Although most hard drives have a large storage capacity, you may need more room. If you want to buy an external hard drive, this article is for you! We detail 3 things to take into account when choosing it.

1. Storage capacity

Typically, the search for a new hard drive begins when we realize our growing storage needs. Suddenly, the 500 GB that came with your PC becomes increasingly unsuitable for the task. The best you can do is replace your drive with one with greater storage capacity. Remember, however, that the more storage capacity you want, the more money you will have to pay to get it. If your computer use is limited to browsing the Internet and a few programs, there’s no reason why you’ll need all that storage space. You can also add an external hard drive which will allow you to expand this storage capacity without replacing your internal drive. To do this, do not hesitate to find out about computer equipment sales sites such as Macway. You can find its catalog by clicking on the link below: https://www.macway.com/disque-ssd/n200143/.

2. The technology used

When we talk about hard drives, we usually think of mechanical hard drives (also called HDDs). Hard drives are reliable and have been for several decades. A few years ago, storage technology saw the emergence of solid-state hard drives (or SSDs) and solid-state hybrid hard drives (SSHDs). Unlike hard drives with their spinning disks, an SSD has no moving mechanical parts. SSHD is an intermediate and, as the name suggests, a hybrid between SSD and hard drive. Without going into detail, SSDs have a clear advantage over hard drives in terms of transfer speed. SSDs open files up to 30 times faster and have transfer speeds ranging from 200 MB/s to over 500 MB/s, while hard drives boot between 20 MB/s and 120 MB/s.

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3. Rotation speed

First-time buyers may not know this, but not all hard drives are created equal. Hard drives have a rotation speed called revolutions per minute (RPM). Hard drives are available in 4200/5400/7200 and 10,000 rpm. Naturally, the higher the number of revolutions per minute, the faster the hard drive will process your data. On the other hand, every time you get a little more power, you have to face additional costs. On average, most hard drives you find in PCs spin at 5400 revolutions per minute. Manufacturers do this to reduce costs while still giving you what you want i.e. powerful processors, impressive graphics, etc. In your online search criteria, specify the rotation speed category that suits you.

We hope you liked this article and that it will help you make the best choice!