3 things to know about Space Planning

In order to make employees feel comfortable, it is necessary to provide a pleasant working environment. Most of us spend the majority of our time at the office. It then becomes necessary to arrange the workplace as it should be. Note that Space Planning is an effective way to optimize the workspace in your premises. What are the essential things to know about this organizational approach?

What is Space Planning?

All companies should know and implement Space Planning. It’s about a very advantageous office and space arrangement method. The creation of the concept of Space Planning dates back more than twenty years. Originally, its objective was mainly to optimize spaces within a company’s premises. Open spaces enjoyed considerable success at the time. However, over time, Space Planning has continued to evolve. Indeed, today, the approach responds to modern challenges. It now aims to create a spaced workplace guaranteeing the comfort and performance of employees.

You should know that according to the law, the employer has certain obligations towards its employees to ensure their well-being and comfort at work:

  • sufficient natural light;
  • lighting of the work area;
  • a sufficient and always renewed volume of air;
  • a suitable temperature;
  • ergonomic furniture for office workers.

THE working environment must be pleasant so that employees feel good and carry out their work efficiently. Productivity and quality depend on it. It is therefore essential to arrange the work space well, but also to equip it well.

Space Planning: why call on a professional?

To guarantee the success of Space Planning in your offices, it is necessary to call on a professional.

The importance of the work of a professional

The Space Planning manager, also called a space planner, is responsible for completely redefining your offices. This professional makes no distinction, whether your office is already furnished or not. He is there for you demonstrate the most suitable configuration to your workspace. You can call on specialized companies like Development Path for your Space Planning projects if you are in the city of Lyon in particular.

If your premises are already equipped, the space planner will identify points to improve. It will then offer you configurations optimized for offices. If you plan to move into new offices, you can call on a space planner to completely set up your work space.

Space Planning company Lyon

The intervention of the space planner therefore concerns the practical aspect of your offices. It tells you the appropriate place for this or that furniture item. It also acts in the rearrangement of passage spaces in order to avoid unnecessary travel. Obviously, a pleasant workspace where it is easy to move around optimizes the productivity of your employees.

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The offices are also designed to facilitate exchanges. Thus, information circulates better and the work environment encourages communication more effectively. An arrangement of the working environment optimizes teamwork and mutual assistance. Your employees will develop a closer relationship and be more productive. You will notice that your management will be easier to apply.

The possibility of focusing on a personalized layout

Using the services of an office design professional allows you to benefit from premises that suit you. In general, the space planner offers his clients a personalized decor by playing with colors, shapes and finishes.

The style adopted by professional executives more closely resembles the style of interior decoration. Office design professionals focus on a contemporary atmosphere. So, they are capable of transforming a workplace into a haven of peace for employees.

What are the advantages of Space Planning?

Space Planning has many advantages. First of all, you have the possibility toto optimise use of workspace. This is obviously the main benefit of arranging your work space. Space Planning also finds its advantage in periods of high activity during which it is necessary to recruit temporary workers. It is possible to save considerably while still taking full advantage of the surface area of ​​the workplace. Please keep in mind that optimal use of all the space in your premises does not always mean tearing down all the partitions. It remains necessary to adapt the space to architectural trends and new technologies.

You will also notice a increased interaction between different services thanks to the structuring of space. The different departments of your company are linked together. If you find that two services need to be closer together, don’t hesitate to move them closer together. Remember that the goal of Space Planning is also to achieve better results. To do this, be sure to consider the smallest details.

advantages Space planning

There is also the possibility of balancing work and get the best from the whole team. It is therefore essential to offer the best working conditions. The search for balance must, however, involve awareness of the responsibilities of each member of the team. This will optimize everyone’s performance in carrying out a common project.

Improving meeting, relaxation and catering spaces is an additional advantage of Space Planning. The establishment of this type of space has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. So that all employees can benefit from it, you must have quality spaces available. Employees will thus be entitled to various snacks as well as games and books. The meeting room must be welcoming and warm to optimize everyone’s performance.

Space Planning therefore allows you to take full advantage of your premises. This concept gave birth to many design styles that are highly popular today.