3 ways to secure a business

Security is a subject that holds an important place in business. It addresses various aspects, including IT security which is one of the most strengthened. Perfectly justified measures are taken and perfected to limit the risks of piracy as much as possible. However, computer data is not the only thing that needs to be secure. Equipment and even workers’ personal belongings are affected. To make this effective, there are several solutions you can adopt.

Install secure electronic lockers

To enhance security within your business, you can install various devices. For example, you have the electronic lockers which are real little fortresses. These are very practical lockers in that you can store all kinds of objects whose use must be controlled.

This may involve cell phones, computers, E/R radios or other matters. They are able to adapt to the needs of your business, as they come in different sizes. Furthermore, the operation of secure electronic lockers offers several other advantages.


Secure electronic lockers are connected to a software. Generally speaking, the latter makes it possible to program the relationships between equipment and users. It also makes it possible to receive logs and alarms. This software promotes a very large traceability of the equipment. With chips embedded in the lockers, it is possible to know if they are empty or not. In this case, the person using the content is well known; which proves that the equipment is perfectly followed.

Access control

With secure electronic lockers, it is also possible to rigorously control access to storage spaces. Still thanks to the integrated software, you can give access rights to some of your collaborators. In other words, certain compartments will be reserved for one or more precisely chosen people.

business security, access control

For good measure, every interaction is followed by an alarm. You are basically notified every time someone accesses one of the lockers. You also have access to detailed histories which promote the reconstruction of passages. Of course, these aren’t the only features you get with this type of software.

This total control that the electronic locker management solution gives you over the equipment increases the ways in which you can use your electronic locker. It can be used to make defective objects inaccessible by preventing access to the lockers that contain them. If you want to have statistics, the histories and alarms will serve as a basis for determining the tool usage rate, for example. As you will have understood, a secure electronic locker is a system that brings more than security to your business.

Cabinets to secure keys

In addition to electronic lockers, you can opt for cabinets which will be used to secure keys. They work in the same way as the first device and are also connected to software which facilitates overall administration.

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Thanks to an intuitive interface, you will be able toassign permissions for the use of keys or define time slots. This means that some keys will be completely inaccessible at certain specific times of the day. Also, any employee wishing to use a key will be required to identify themselves in one way or another.

Depending on the models or added options, you have the choice between the badge, a personal code or an imprint. In either case, you know exactly who is using a key and when you should consider the information. Obviously, the same principle is applied for storing keys. Identification is also essential at this time. You therefore have at your disposal all the elements to know the duration of use of a key if you wish.

Key lockers offer four major benefits. First, there is that of access control to the keys. It is total and can be modified at will. Secondly, you have the ease of setting restrictions through authorizations for example. Furthermore, the integration of identification technologies optimizes security. Finally, key cabinets make it easier to track the use of each key.

Opt for fire-resistant cabinets

If your sector of activity involves the use of potentially dangerous or very flammable products, the fireproof cabinets are essential. These are accessories that help you keep specific items safe in the event of a fire. They are designed in accordance with strict standards which provide details on each of their components.

The doors of a fireproof cabinet, for example, must close automatically. For the manufacturing rules to be respected, the movement must be able to be done in 20 seconds at most. Given its role, it must be equipped with walls with very high fire resistance. Their thickness as well as the materials used for their design are very different from those of a conventional cabinet.

Another important feature of the fire cabinet is the existence of a ventilation system. Whichever model you get, it needs an air inlet and outlet port. The device must also be connected to the ventilation system. All these features give the fireproof cabinet its ability to withstand flames.

Depending on the model you install in your business, the resistance time fire can change. It varies from 15 to 90 minutes. Suffice it to say that you will have no trouble finding one that exactly suits your needs. In addition, there are several sizes available for a fire cabinet. With this accessory, you preserve flammable products and avoid explosions or the faster spread of flames.

Therefore, you give your employees a little more time so that they can take shelter in the event of a fire. You also save tens of minutes allowing effective intervention by professionals such as firefighters. When flammable products are present in your premises, it is necessary to install fire-resistant cabinets.