4 tips for recording your TV show

To attract an audience, a television program (or TV show) must be well produced. This goes through several stages. If you have a communications or events agency, you may want to broadcast a program on a given theme on television. If you are a music video director, photographer or artist, you may want to offer viewers reality TV shows, video clips and others. Whatever your role, here are 4 tips for recording your TV show.

Rent the ideal TV set

A television show requires a set and a setting equipped with the necessary equipment. If you do not own a TV channel, turn to rental of a TV set in Paris or near where filming will take place. Depending on your budget and your tastes, you have the choice between renting a classic studio and reserving a virtual studio. A traditional or virtual TV set can be used to produce a talk show, a sports, culture, cooking program, etc.

Companies specializing in TV set rental offer customers infrastructure that best suits their projects. The best rent modular platforms that adapt to user needs. A TV studio can be equipped depending on whether it is filming a show where the speakers will be seated or a show requiring more movement. From furniture to lights to sound equipment, everything is put in place for the successful recording of a TV show.

Develop your TV show idea

You have an idea and have already thought about renting a TV set. Now you will need to develop this idea. Start by choosing the format of your show. You have the choice between the debate, the soap opera, the series, the skit, the report, the documentary, the feature film, etc. Once the ideal format has been chosen, you must choose the people who will participate in your TV show.

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If it’s a fiction show, for example, give each character specific roles and characters. Give your show an evocative title. Write the synopsis which should cover the main lines of the show. Also create the teaser which constitutes a small summary of your production.

TV set rental

Write the script for the show

To record your show, write a script that meets TV presentation standards. For television, each scenario is divided into several pages each of which equates to about a minute of screen time. If advertising announcements are planned, reserve break times for them.

To have a perfect TV show script to meet the rules in this area, do not hesitate to take inspiration from the models available on the internet and corresponding to the chosen format. Your script must be accompanied by a pilot, that is to say the first episode if it is a series or a soap opera.

Prepare the presentation of the TV program

The final step in recording a TV show is the presentation. To do this, you will need all the people who need to know their roles inside and out. Do rehearsal sessions with them before the big day if the show requires it. If it is a contradictory debate, discuss it in advance with the protagonists, the rules of courtesy which they must observe. On the classic or virtual TV set, finally present the show. The technicians will take care of recording it for the television channel(s) for which it is intended.