5 ideas for innovative goodies to create a buzz during professional events

Today, the evolution of uses has led to an evolution of goodies and their functionalities. From now on, it is relatively simple to carry out object-based communication campaigns that have a strong impact in the digital world. To do this, you have to be creative and involve your guests as much as possible during your events.

Make your event talked about with a semi-pro photo lens kit

How can you motivate your guests to take better photos than with a simple hashtag? An ingenious idea is to actively involve them in the communication of your event by offering them a kit of semi-pro photo lenses. With this equipment, your participants will be encouraged to capture more creative shots thanks to the fisheye, wide angle or macro lens provided. You will be able to draw lots from among all the photos published on social networks with a customizable pen as a gift for example.

Personalize the adhesive smartphone case for a unique #selfielike experience

The adhesive smartphone case represents a small revolution because it allows you to attach your phone to almost any smooth surface, offering a new way to take selfies. Opt for a case made in France to amplify the benefits for your brand communication. Of course, have the adhesive covers printed with your company logo so that they play the role ofcorporate promotional items, which users will keep in mind each time they use their mobile terminal.

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Create interactivity with a smoothie machine

Let’s now look at another type of operation that is out of the ordinary: draws. If we’re honest, free food is the best way to attract people’s interest. This smoothie machine therefore has a double interest: on the one hand, it will allow you to offer free smoothies on your stand during an event; on the other hand, it will constitute an ideal gift to offer in exchange for participation in a digital draw. Offer your participants a selfie accompanied by a smoothie that they will share on social networks in exchange for a chance to win one of the 20 smoothie machines up for grabs.

Engage your guests in an ecological approach thanks to plant “bombs”

One of the key factors for success at an event is the participation rate of your guests. The more they are involved, the more they feel involved and appreciate the event. One of our partners, Gift For Change, had the idea of ​​creating these small plant “bombs” which, once thrown on the ground, will begin to integrate into nature after the first rain. By offering this original and ecological gift, you will be able to involve your guests in an environmentally friendly approach while creating a positive impact on your event.

Bet big with a GoPro 4K type camera

This product is very effective, but it is only suitable for larger budgets. As with the smoothie maker, you might consider running a raffle campaign to keep costs down. By offering your attendees the chance to win a GoPro 4K camera, you’ll boost the appeal of your event and encourage more people to attend and share their experiences on social media.