5 tips for selling your gold

Do you have various abandoned or broken gold objects and are you considering putting them up for sale? You should know that prices vary from one brand to another. This is why going in blind would be a huge mistake, as you risk selling your gold below real market prices. The advice of a professional in the field is always required to avoid being fooled. So, where to sell your gold jewelry and items? What are the steps to follow ?

Know the types of gold items that can be sold

Selling gold is about everything type of gold coins. If you have gold jewelry that you no longer wear in the bottom of your drawers, or any gold objects, note that they may still have value. Addressing key players in the market will allow you to benefit effectively.

The gold you sell is intended to be remelted to create new coins. You therefore breathe new life into old accessories that no longer serve you while earning money. So what are these gold objects that can be offered for sale?

It is entirely possible to sell gold bars to earn a nice profit. Gold coins can also be sold at a price determined according to the weight of gold and their speculation.

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Finally, it is also possible to offer dental gold for sale, to be remelted. However, you should know that the price of your jewelry or gold pieces will not depend on their aesthetic, but rather on the percentage of gold in the alloy of the objects, their quality and their weight. Hence the importance of having them valued before the sale.

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Sell ​​gold: get in touch with professionals in the sector

If you think you have valuable gold coins, the first thing to do would be to get in touch with experts in the field. Many brands master the sector and have absolute knowledge of this precious metal. Consider choosing a reputable company to get the best price.

Professionals are able to offer you the fairest value of your parts, in line with the real market. Many platforms on the internet can be of great help to you in selling your gold. You can contact the experts via email to be contacted quickly.

Make sure the brand is reliable before embarking on the transaction. The purchase must be made in compliance with French regulations applied to the trade in this precious metal that is gold.

On a reference site, you will benefit from a tailor-made welcome without an appointment. The professionals will listen to you and explain their purchasing conditions to you. You can then decide whether to trust them or not. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the competition before choosing the service provider you can trust.

It is also possible to sell your gold at a specialized physical store. However, prices may be lower compared to online platforms. Quite simply because physical stores have more charges to pay such as rent, electricity… As you will have understood, an online gold redemption platform remains a wise choice to get the best price.

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Go through an expertise before selling your gold

To get the best price from your gold sale, you obviously need to go through an appraisal with a professional in the field. Reference brands generally offer this careful analysis of your gold objects, coins and jewelry free of charge. You do not need to make an appointment to benefit from this free estimate, and the best part is that it doesn’t commit you in any way. You are not forced to complete the transaction if the value does not suit you.

This expertise is carried out in your presence using approved equipment. It will allow you to have a precise idea of ​​the possible amount that you can make from the sale. It will be based on the daily gold price applied in the most important world stock exchanges.

Ensure payment security

Once the expertise has been carried out carefully, the professionals will make you purchase offers that you can accept or decline without any worries. If you have taken the time to check the seriousness and reliability of the brand, you will have nothing to fear about the value estimated by the experts. Be sure that the estimated amount corresponds to the actual price of gold.

If the proposal suits you, you can choose between payment by check or bank transfer. It should be remembered that cash settlement in the precious metals market is prohibited by Law No. 2011-900 of July 29, 2011. Please note, do not forget to bring your ID, because the sale of gold is strictly reserved for adults.

To collect the money quickly, remember to check that payment is made without delay. For security, you should know that gold buying shops must absolutely display the price per gram for each quality of gold visibly. So be sure to choose a service provider that respects this law to be sure of its transparency.

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Find out about taxes applied to the sale of gold coins

Before embarking on the sale of gold, it is also essential to have information concerning Ltaxes that apply to the transaction. This will entirely depend on your situation. It is essential to distinguish two types of taxes, the first applied on precious metals or TMP, and the second on real capital gains or TPV. The tax on TMP amounts to 11.5% of the product of the sale, while the tax on TPV is 36.2% on the capital gain. You can benefit from an exemption for the sale of jewelry up to €5,000.

As you can see, selling gold can be very attractive, regardless of the type of item you hold. The price is not determined according to the aesthetics of the piece, but rather according to the quantity of gold present in the alloy. This implies that any object, even damaged and broken, can be offered for sale. Online gold buying platforms accept them at a good price to remelt them and give them a second life through new coins.

It is strongly recommended to trust a renowned player in the field. The professionals will listen to you, and offer you careful, quality expertise. This analysis allows them to estimate the value of your objects in order to be able to make purchase proposals. The gold valuation carried out by the experts is generally free and does not bind you in any way. This step is fundamental, because it allows you to know the real value of your objects, based on the prices on the market. To get the best price, nothing beats a well-known brand online. Remember to compare before choosing your service provider.