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5G validated and ready to be launched in France

Last Tuesday, the government made public a report requested before the summer and whose conclusions affirm that it is now necessary to set up the 5G network and that the health risks of this technology allowing speeds 50x faster than 4G have no harmful effects on health. The executive has ruled and the technological evolution towards this technology is now validated. Opponents, for their part, believe that this is a unilateral decision and that this report has no proven scientific basis.

It’s decided, the government moves up a gear and validates the implementation of 5G on the territory. Ignoring a forum signed by 70 elected officials who demand a moratorium on this new technology, Emmanuel Macron leaves no room for debate and imposes this choice. “France is going to take the 5G turning point because it is the turning point for innovation” asserts the executive loudly while openly mocking the refractory people of those who would advocate “the Amish model” and the “return to the oil lamp. Tuesday Emmanuel Macron rekindles tensions by asserting that health risks are, for the moment, absent. Stéphen Kerckhove, one of the leaders of the association, Agir pour l’environnement denounces this way of proceeding and affirms that it is necessary to test the possible health effects of 5G before getting excited about this technology.

Stéphen Kerckhove, who calls for a moratorium on 5G, expresses his concern about the haste of public authorities and their provocative and aggressive attitude towards the opposition. The general delegate of Agir pour l’environnement affirms with conviction “It is a unilateral decision by the government even though we have been calling for a year, in vain, for a rigorous impact study on this subject.. Jupiter must make the effort of a local stall from time to time. There is hostility from public opinion and from mayors of large cities.”

A dubious report to say the least

The report from the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS) submitted to Bercy this morning is supposed, through its data, to reassure the opposition, made up of citizens and elected officials. The text in question is, in a way, the government’s roadmap on 5G technology and put forward three arguments for its deployment. The first argument states that with the rise of the Internet, 4G networks will be saturated very quickly, within a period of around 2 years at most and that in fact, it is imperative to take the next step of the deployment of 5G without further delay. Another point that the report highlights is that France is one of five countries out of 26 which have still not put in place a commercial offer on 5G.

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Finally, regarding the repercussions of 5G on health, the report considers that the frequencies used by 5G networks do not represent a danger to health in the short term. Stéphen Kerchkove, well documented on the subject, affirms that this is a more than strange conclusion, even doubtful because it goes against the conclusions of researchers working hard on the subject. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) claims that exposure to waves during the implementation of 5G will be 30% higher than current rates. The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) is also working on the subject and it is impossible to draw any conclusions at this time on the question of health regarding 5G.

The 5G debate rages

The conclusions of the French agencies concerning 5G will soon be published and will add assertions (or disconfirmations) to the file released Tuesday on which the government relies to argue its decision. Currently, the report is based on health studies carried out in countries where 5G is already being deployedStephen Kerchkove
According to the government’s opponent on this 5G issue, this report comes at the right time to reassure the French and provide justification for the allocation of frequencies that the government is preparing to carry out in relation to telephone operators at the end of this month of September. Commercial offers concerning 5G will arrive before the end of the year from a large majority of French operators.