8 tips for showcasing your exhibition stand

Trade shows are events that any business can participate in to draw attention to their services or products. The undeniable advantage for professionals lies in the fact that this offers them the possibility of gaining visibility. Indeed, many consumers generally participate in these events to make purchases or simply to discover the latest and especially the best products available on the market.

The number of competitors present during such events being very large, it is however advisable to stand out by setting up an exhibition stand. It must meet a certain number of criteria. You must take advantage of visual elements, technology and create exceptional decoration to highlight your exhibition and draw attention to your brand. Here are 8 tips for creating an attractive event stand at a trade show!

Make a great first impression with your booth design

Generally speaking, the first impression that consumers have of your brand is important, since it is what influences their willingness to subscribe or not to your offers. This is valid at a trade show. To interest your potential customers, it is crucial to make an excellent first impression by designing an attractive stand.

Take care of the design of the stand

Although there are many solutions to attract consumers’ attention to your exhibition such asroll up printing, THE stand design should not be neglected. Indeed, creating an attractive stand with a careful design is the best way to present the personality of your brand while revealing its professionalism and elegance. This is the ideal way for your brand to stand out among a crowd of exhibitors.

To create an exceptional design and stand out from the crowd, you must choose the right colors and especially play on the brightness. A perfectly lit stand attracts much more attention, even more so if nearby stands are less lit. To obtain an attractive result, it is wise to choose aesthetic lighting accessories. Do not hesitate to opt for both general lighting and specific lighting fixtures.

For successfully decorate your stand, we recommend that you call a specialist. Thanks to his expertise, he will be able to take into account your preferences and in particular the message you wish to convey to personalize your stand. Visuals will also play an important role. Whether you opt for a rigid panel, a hanging kakemono or an advertising banner, the ideal is to opt for the most appropriate visual.

Choose your exhibition stand carefully

Exhibition stands are available in different designs and one should select the suitable model. To begin with, take into account the height of the exhibition space and analyze the products or items to be displayed. Then make a choice based on the stand that best meets your needs.

For example, you can opt for the mobile stand, also known as a portable stand. Very practical, this solution has a certain number of advantages. This stand is however less customizable than other solutions such as the stand pack.

For those looking for high-end equipment, the custom stand is recommended.

Use attractive visuals to capture attention

There customization of your exhibition stand does not exclude the use of visuals. These are essential tools for attracting attention and most companies are now aware of this. Several visual choices are available to you.

The roll up

Very widespread in the professional field, the roll up is one of the most effective communication media for informing and attracting customers. It is a promotional tool which consists of a banner on which the visual is printed and a structure. Customizable, the equipment can present your offers (services and products), your brand, logo, etc. To benefit from this, the ideal is to entrust the printing to a professional.

Personalized cardboard furniture

Easy to assemble, the cardboard furniture also allow you to create a very interesting visual to highlight your business. Displayed in front of your stand, there is no doubt that they will make an impression. Like the roll up, you can choose the model that interests you and print the content of your choice: image, message, promotional offers, etc. It is a very practical solution which is useful at trade shows.

The kakemono

This equipment is used to advertise and educate customers about your brand. Thanks to its very large printing surface, it is easier to write as much information about the company as possible and to design an attractive visual. In addition to its practicality, the kakemono stands out for its ease of use and transport.

Apart from the elements listed, you can also opt for other communication media such as printed canvases, foam board and adhesive vinyls.

Use technology to create an interactive experience

There technology today represents an important pillar for creating an interactive experience and making an impression on visitors in an exhibition stand. Here are solutions that should help you get ahead of your competitors.

Virtual walls

THE virtual walls help you create an interactive experience for your visitors. To do this, you need to have projection screens and LEDs.

The virtual wall can have different applications. For example, your visitors can use it to draw, leave a message or a review or even to play games. It is therefore an attractive solution that will allow your visitors to have fun. Such an experience inevitably makes an impression and gives a good image to your brand.

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Virtual wall

Interactive floors

Few companies opt for this solution during exhibition stands. Yet it is one of the most effective ways to create an interactive experience. To do this, you need to install sensors (motion detectors) and LED lights. The floor of the stand will change color as visitors walk on it.

LED flooring is surprisingly effective at impressing visitors. Some models also allow you to create a very interesting dance game. With such an interactive experience, there is little chance that your brand will be forgotten after the exhibition.

Presentation of offers on a digital screen

L’digital display of your offers is another solution to attract attention to your stand. Unlike the traditional solution, personalization can be carried out in real time on digital screens. The display, appearance, colors can be changed constantly.

Still with the aim of creating an interactive experience, other means are also available to you. These include 4D storytelling, virtual reality or augmented reality, projection mapping, etc.

Provide sufficient staff on your stand

The number of people making up the team present on the exhibition stand is an essential factor for the success of your event. It is better to have a large team rather than a small number of staff. Indeed, during the show, it will be necessary to welcome potential new customers, address occasional visitors, speak with existing customers, particularly about new offers, etc.

These are all tasks that require having sufficient staff. Tasks should be divided among teams of small groups. While the specialists will take care of the presentation of the products, the other employees could inform the visitors and why not discuss other offers offered by the company.

A lack of staff can be detrimental to your business. It will be difficult to accommodate and meet everyone’s expectations if you do not have enough employees and hostesses. Likewise, it is also crucial to organize the event well. Teams must be formed and each of them must know their missions. Each employee must master brochures and prospectuses and must be able to effectively inform visitors. To leave nothing to chance, the ideal is to prepare the event well.

exhibition stand reception team

Talk to attendees one-on-one for better engagement

At a trade show, competition is tough. You must use the best possible means to attract as many visitors as possible and ensure that they keep good memories of you. In addition to choosing and decorating the right stand and using visuals, we advise you toapproach each participant one-on-one. That’s the whole point of having good staff. Speaking personally with each potential customer is above all a sign of attention and consideration to which most consumers are not insensitive. By approaching each of your visitors, you show them interest.

Likewise, it represents the means of finding out about the needs and preferences of customers. They will tell you their expectations and possibly the negative points of your products already known on the market. Speaking one-on-one with participants is the perfect tip to create better engagement and encourage visitors to subscribe to your offers. If you are planning such an approach, however, it is essential to have qualified staff. If you hire hosts or hostesses, make sure they are familiar with all of your offerings.

Promote your social networks

If you engage visitors, you will need to offer them the opportunity to contact and follow you online. Today, it is clear that digital marketing is one of the best strategies that a structure, whether commercial or not, wishing to expand its notoriety, must adopt. For this to work, having the maximum number of subscribers is essential. The trade show is the ideal opportunity to promote your social networks.

To do this, simply indicate your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages on the different communication media you will use. You can therefore add them to your flyers, roll ups, cardboard furniture and any other form of display. Also, don’t forget to mention your website address. For those who wish, it is also possible to register page names and addresses on the exhibition stand.

Offer freebies and samples to attract potential customers

THE corporate gifts are known for capturing attention and attracting consumers. Whatever event you participate in, you will put your brand in the spotlight by offering goodies. Among the most used items are the personalized t-shirt, an accessory that visitors will be delighted to receive.

You can also offer a personalized bag, a USB key, a hat (especially in summer) or even a pen. For more visibility, personalize each of these tools in your company colors and add your logo and why not your services. Either way, understand that giving gifts at an exhibition makes you gain customers.

The same goes for product samples. For example, if you sell wine, whiskey or cheese, consider offering samples to visitors. This is an opportunity for them to appreciate your product and perhaps even order it. If your products are of quality and attract many visitors, be sure that they will talk about it to those around them. This is a great advertisement for you.

Personalized living room gifts

Be ready to seize networking opportunities

To integrate a professional network offers many advantages to businesses. Indeed, business networks allow you to gain visibility. Most networks have a website on which all members are listed. Being publicly accessible, anyone can visit the site and learn about your business. This increases your notoriety. In addition, belonging to a network gives you great credibility.

Trade shows represent one of the best opportunities to network. This is the opportunity to meet other players in your field, form partnerships and join professional groups. You will benefit, in addition to visibility, from considerable reductions on some of your purchases.

So there are many ways to highlight your exhibition stand at a trade show. You need to make sure you make a good first impression. Don’t neglect the use of visuals either, which are of capital importance in attracting visitors. Also make sure you have a good team without forgetting to offer corporate gifts.