Best yoga Apps 2021

9 Best Yoga Apps 2021

We are in times that are rather fast forward. Maintaining the right balance between personal and professional life has become more difficult than ever now. In these moments, it is vital to look for ways that would help you relax, have peace, and not let anything from outside disturb you.

The only viable option for all your concerns is yoga. It is a practice of body and mind whose origins date back to ancient India. However, if you do not have sufficient knowledge of the postures and their benefits, their practice will not be as beneficial as it should be. If you don’t have time to invest in learning yoga from real professionals, yoga apps can do wonders for you.

Looking for a great yoga app to learn fun exercises and track your performance? Here is a list of the 9 best apps below.

Whether you’re a professional yogi looking for fun sessions or a beginner looking to learn yoga poses, we can assure you that you’ll find something in the list below.

9 Best Yoga Apps

The underside of the stomach –

A highly recognized and award-winning international yoga teacher, Jessamyn Stanley, recently created an app that has long been the talk of the town. This amazing yoga app aims to help its users integrate mindfulness into their daily lives and reap the maximum benefits from it. You have to choose the song that seems to work best for you and do the same thing with the downward dog.

Down Dog –

Have you ever thought about spending money on individual yoga sessions? If so, the down dog is for you, as it is known for being the leader when it comes to providing a personalized experience without requiring you to go out. Taking into account your own endurance, level and concentration, you can define the level of complexity of your session.

Asana Rebel –

Are you looking for an app that will help you get in shape this summer? Do you want to get rid of some of your kilos? Asana Rebel is what you need. This one is great for men and women, both who get you moving. This app offers some of the best cardio, high intensity, and core workout classes. Plus, once you’re done and working up a sweat, the app even offers accompanying music to help you relax quietly.

Yogaia –

This is one of the most interactive yoga apps where users can choose their ideal option from over 100 streaming lessons every week. The best part is that the courses are personalized so that a certain number of students can evaluate them, allowing each candidate to benefit from their personal time. To be honest, the best thing I find about this app is that it allows users to download previous sessions.

Simply Yoga –

It’s one of the most popular apps, and of course, for good reasons.

Did you know that this is one of the apps that was featured in Wired magazine and got an impressive score of 4.6 on the Apple App Store, which is indeed a great achievement .

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The Simply Yoga app is especially ideal for all beginners who are taking their first steps into the world of yoga. In fact, it offers 6 different exercises, lasting 20 to 50 minutes, specially designed for beginners. Additionally, advanced users have access to quality content.

Grokker –

I believe this is one of the best free yoga apps to date for those looking for the right structure for their daily lives. An extensive yoga program and poses is good to go, but there are some who want a more formal way, just like something a personal yoga trainer can provide.

This is where this amazing app comes to the rescue. It has over thousands of yoga and meditation videos as well as fitness tips – which makes it standing and one of the best yoga apps among many other options in 2021. This app happens to be the one of the best options if you are looking for someone who has all the things like yoga, meditation, fitness and healthy eating in one common place.

5 Minute Yoga –

The next app on this list is 5 Minute Yoga. As we all know, not everyone has time to do long, big yoga sessions every day, especially if you have a very busy day. Usually there is a rumor associated with yoga that it is time consuming, but this wonderful app proves otherwise. This app has made all of its sessions happen in 5 minutes and it is the perfect app that has been designed especially for you, if you are struggling to find time.

Glo –

Another app on this list is my favorite Glo app. The best part of this amazing app is that it has got different styles of Pilates, yoga, meditation sessions with rave reviews regarding its instructors. To be honest, my wife has been using it personally for 5 years, and it’s one of the best choices she could have made for herself. So Glo is definitely the best free yoga app for iPhone users who don’t know where to start and want personalized recommendations.

Track Yoga –

Finally, this app is one of the best choices if you lack motivation and need a boost. This app works on a points system, so the more exercises you do, the more offers you can unlock. This app is a great option if you need goals to motivate you. Kudos for its features and functionality that made this app stand out in a crowded field.

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Our list of 9 best yoga apps of 2021 ends here. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and that it will help you take a step forward towards a healthier life.

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