Un fan a créé son propre jeu Attack On Titan, mais cela ne l'a pas convaincu.  Il a maintenant réalisé un remake gratuit avec multijoueur en ligne

A fan created his own Attack On Titan game, but it didn’t convince him. It has now made a free remake with online multiplayer

After many years of airing, Attack On Titan has finally come to an end in the anime format, so fans now have to settle for other types of products. Hajime Isayama’s manga will receive a TCG in 2024, but there is no need to wait another second to take advantage of the fan project created by Swammy.

This developer and founder of BlackBoxStudios surprised the community by publishing a video game based on the titanic franchise two years ago. Although it impressed many, the truth is that its own creator was not satisfied with the result, so He invested a lot of effort to remake it from scratch .

Completely free, the artwork used the impressive Unreal Engine 5 to show off the series’ settings, as well as the unmistakable characters and enemies. Models and three-dimensional maneuvering equipment have been completely redesigned, while a new titan type and improved AI have been added.

Legendary Thunder Spears have also been added and supply points have been placed around the map. For the moment the content is limited, only being able to play a mission in which you have to protect Eren, but the strong point is that Swammy has implemented a superb online multiplayer mode.

It should be borne in mind that this is a work created by a single person in their free time, so it is normal that we encounter errors. In the future, it is expected that a tutorial will land, more characters and even a speedrun mode .

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