A look at how we spend money

For several years, gambling has taken its place in French households. So much so that recreational expenses are sometimes more important than other expenses. But then, how do the French spend their money each year? What are the financial habits of the population? What share do online casinos occupy in France? We will explain everything to you.

How do we spend our money in France?

With the health crisis and the inflation that we are currently experiencing, it is no surprise that the French have reviewed the way they spend their money. Several sectors of spending have increased, such as food, housing, transport, but also leisure activities.

Against all expectations, leisure remains a priority in the French economy, and among the sought-after entertainment, online casinos are the big winners.

The casino industry in France

Whether it is French land-based casinos or online casinos, the gambling industry has never been so successful in recent years. There is, in fact, a global market of 13 billion euros in gross gaming product. The growing popularity of this sector is now pushing the government to review the restrictions on casinos, soon allowing them to set up in horse racing areas, and not just in spas or seaside resorts.

the reliability and quality of online casinos

Spending habits in French casinos

According to the latest study released on this subject, the typical profile of French players is a 35-year-old man with a preference for online casino games. He would spend around 42 euros per gaming session and play 5.3 times per month on a casino site.

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Finally, the latter would be more oriented towards games which offer more winnings and bonuses, but also more risks of losses, such as slot machines and lottery games.

Measures to promote responsible gaming

the best online casinos promote responsible gaming

To do this, a system is put in place to monitor excessive gamblers and allow them to be helped and supervised. Land-based and online casinos can, in fact, take the liberty of limiting them if their behavior proves addictive and dangerous for themselves.

They also offer players the possibility of limiting themselves thanks to a voluntary access limitation system. Finally, a lot of information relating to the risks involved in gambling is communicated on the platforms to warn players and, above all, remind them that they can be helped at any time.

Upcoming trends and developments

Without much surprise, the place of online games continues to expand. This is why online casinos are constantly evolving and it is now even possible to play your favorite gambling games from casino mobile applications.

A way of playing that continues to innovate and which will allow players, ever more connected, to spend more time on online gaming and betting platforms. Spending habits which therefore tend to change in the years to come.