A mansion isn’t enough for this LEGO Fortnite player, so he built a destroyer in the middle of the sea

Epic Games has won us over again with LEGO Fortnite , a survival game mode similar to Minecraft or Valheim. In addition to fighting for their lives, players spent a lot of time collecting materials and building authentic wonders. Some have opted for the creative for this purpose.

We’ve shown you a lot of player artwork, but the protagonist of this post takes the cake: it’s a destroyer (warship) in the middle of the water. Its author is Reddit user u/GingerJay1991 and he shared it in a post containing two images. You can see them below.


Although the author does not show the interior, we can see from afar that it does indeed have interiors and even lights to illuminate it at night. Another curious detail is that they took care to make the cannons very similar to the real ones. The end result is an impressive ship and an ultra-secure base.

“This is crazy,” says Osprey6767 in the comments. “Have you used any mods? I don’t even know if there are any mods in the game,” adds Philotrypesis. To which the author in turn responds: “No mods. Just a lot of trial and error.” In short, here’s another piece of creative madness from the Fortnite community. Where is the limit ?

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