Un nouvel ARPG fantastique rassemble plus de 260 000 personnes sur Steam combinant Diablo et voyage dans le temps

A new fantasy ARPG brings together over 260,000 people on Steam combining Diablo and time travel

The bombings of Steam They are like life itself: inscrutable. You can never be sure which video game will be the one to hit stores. Valve , but what is clear is that if it brings together so many people in front of the screen, it is because it contains good material. This certainly seems to be the case Last era .

The new work of Eleventh Hour Games allows us to face a fantastic ARPG that takes strong inspiration from the Diablo saga and mixes with the always attractive ingredient of time travel. Dungeons, exploration, character customization and the immense world of Eterra are at our feet to discover.

The truth is that the work brought together 264,708 people simultaneously today, February 25, just four days after its launch. The number is more than likely to increase As the game’s popularity grows, there is plenty of content to discover. Up to 5 different classes await us, each with their unique elements, masteries and specializations.

This translates into more than 120 skill trees at our disposal with improvements that allow us to live a unique experience in Last era . Obviously, loot becomes one of the most powerful claims, since the reward system is intended to be attractive so that we are always faced with new challenges. At the same time, there is a crafting system to incorporate the best armor and weapons, while getting to know the many factions that exist in Eterra.

There are two big commitments from the development team going forward, one is infinite replayability that will keep us hooked for years to come. On the other hand, the promise of no case of Pay-To-Win This is firm and there will be no way to enjoy the game using real money.

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