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A PABX telephone switchboard: some good reasons to adopt it

The appearance of new technologies has not made landline telephones obsolete. Far from there ! Until today, every company worthy of the name has its own telephone line. In any sector of activity, it is still a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism. However, the use of this technology gives rise to a problem. Which telephone standard to choose? Although many options are available to managers today, PABX standards remain favored by French entrepreneurs.

What is a PABX?

the PBX is the acronym for Private Automatic Branch eXchange or Telephone Autocommutateur in French. This acronym refers more generally to a telephone switchboard designed to communicate easily internally and to people outside the network using different communication channels.

Historically, the appearance of the first telephone exchanges was greeted as a real revolution. This system makes it possible to contact any person without the intermediary of an operator. It has therefore easily succeeded in establishing itself within companies around the world.

In recent years, PABX telephone switchboards have received numerous improvements. If they originally relied on the infrastructure set up by a telephone operator, today they also use the wireless network to gain functionality and reliability. From now on, young companies can rely on a system that can be customized as desired to meet specific needs.

What are the advantages brought by a PABX to your business?

The first companies to be attracted by this technology wanted above all to reduce their internal communication expenses. The use of a PABX telephone switchboard guarantees free internal calls. In this sense, your colleagues will be able to converse all day long and without time limits. This will allow the team to gain collective efficiency.

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Also note that managers are particularly fond of this technology because of its main functionalities. Apart from the fact that the system manages calls autonomously, the structure will be able to set up several voicemail boxes. The techniques will thus be able to open a voicemail box for each department and also for each manager. In this context, your employees will not miss any calls as long as the interlocutor leaves a message.

A PABX standard will also provide the means to create a real voice server which will help callers reach the right person as quickly as possible or even access any service. In doing so, the system will manage calls so that they cost you as little as possible (Least Cost Routine – LCR) while collecting valuable data on the communication habits of your employees.

Despite all the advantages of the telephone switchboard, some technicians point out the fact that it relies heavily on a wired telephone network. However, this technology has also seen its transition to the digital age. Today, users can equip themselves with VoIP gateways to benefit from a hybrid system. This choice indeed opens up numerous possibilities thanks to access to the wireless network. It is particularly common for this PABX system to manage the emails of all employees of a company at the same time.