Un serveur Discord hanté est le dernier bon endroit en ligne

A supernatural Discord server: the last pleasant refuge on the net

At the heart of a unique fun experience called “This Discord Has Ghosts in It”, up to fifteen adventurous souls can come together in a virtual domain transformed into a spectral abode thanks to the Discord platform. This game, far from being ordinary, propels players into a maze of conversational rooms transformed into rooms of a haunted house, where they take on the roles of ghosts or paranormal investigators. The main asset of this game lies in the mystery encapsulated in the secret motivations of each character, revealed at the beginning of the adventure. For the investigators, this secret reveals the reason for their penetration into these cursed places; for spirits, it explains the cause of their anchoring in the world of darkness.

The quest for victory is foreign to this game; the explicit objective is rather to “give the game” by sharing this secret with the opposing camp. **The complication arises with the formal prohibition of revealing this mystery in a direct manner.** The ghosts, restricted to a text chat, must use descriptions, images, GIFs, or even links to videos or music to communicate. On the other hand, investigators have exclusive use of Discord’s voice call functionality to verbally share their observations, while striving to remain in character.

The communicative exchange between the two camps proves complex but fascinating. Let’s illustrate with the meeting between Alicia Macready, a daring investigator aspiring to capture breathtaking images to land a television contract, and the ghost “Buried Ben”, linked to this world by the regret of a family fortune having escaped him following a tragedy accident. Staged by a succession of disturbing messages and multimedia references, the dialogue between Alicia and Ben leads to a striking mutual discovery.

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The outcome of this adventure materializes during a session, a privileged moment finally allowing both camps to fully reveal their secrets. Together, they revisit the clues collected to decide the final fate of the characters. In our example, Alicia helps Ben detach himself from his past, allowing him to leave the realm of the dead in peace.

**”This Discord Has Ghosts in It”** therefore transcends simple entertainment to offer a deep collaborative and narrative experience, where success is measured by the ability to effectively transmit the invisible and the unspeakable, before finally disconnecting of the game, taking away memories and memorable stories.