Adkami: The new official address in [month] [year]?

There are many streaming sites on the web today. If you’re a fan, you probably know Adkami, a free anime streaming platform.

In the majority of cases, animated series, also called “anime”, are of Japanese origin. Anime of all kinds are available on the internet. Some sites even offer free streaming of new episodes. But with the appearance of numerous sites, how can you find the best series? In the jungle of streaming sites, Adkami reveals itself as an essential platform. It also offers users a variety of animated series for free.

Adkami: what is it?

This is a streaming site offering anime or animated series in VF or VOSTFR. Currently, the site has around 100,000 members. It is an essential meeting point for the community of Japanese anime fans. With its 4,500 anime and 300,000 videos available for free, Adkami is one of the best anime streaming sites in France.

In just a few clicks, you can access a variety of anime and animated films. Please note, however, that the content is not directly hosted by the site itself. The operation of Adkami is similar to that of a giant directory which lists videos hosted by platforms such as Google Video, Dailymotion, or even Rutube.

Since going online in 2012, the Adkami site has become increasingly popular. This is due to the quality of its content, but also the diversity of the videos offered. French-speaking Internet users particularly appreciate the non-existence, or almost none, of advertisements on the site.

How does the Adkami site work?

You will not have any difficulty using the official Adkami website. You just have to go to the official address of the site and land on the home page very quickly. A central menu is accessible, serving as a basis for discovering recently added episodes. And the category is easily identifiable. You can indeed see if it is a Shoko, a Shonen or a Sheinen. Moreover, the title of the program and the episode number are displayed to better identify them.

The site also offers, always on the home page, the most recent series, hentai and anime. Otherwise, you will have access to a news page in which you can compare the latest content added, but also the latest news from the sector.

The available categories (Drama, Hentai, Anime, etc.) are spread across the top of the home page. Finally, you can have all the important information, the latest news from the world of anime in the Feed, Agenda, Team, Season and Club pages.

To view a video, you do not have to register. All you have to do is click on the content you want to watch and you will be taken directly to a player in which you can choose a particular season or episode. However, there is a wait time of one week, or seven days, for new content before you can access it. Adkami also offers a monthly subscription of €5 if you want to enjoy unlimited streaming videos. But this offer does not concern all content, but rather the proposals relating to a particular player.

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We end this first part with another specificity of the Adkami site: the creation of a Discord bot so that you can receive notifications when new episodes are released.

Is Adkami legal?

Giving you a false answer would be unforgivable on our part. To tell you the truth, Adkami offers content, that is to say videos protected by copyright. Which means that even if the content is not hosted directly by Adkami, the site is illegal. This is why certain anime or animation series, whether in VF or VOSTFR, are inaccessible in France.

As such, we recommend that you act with caution and use a proxy or VPN before connecting to the official Adkami website.

Adkami’s new official address

The only way to connect to Adkami and access its content is to copy and paste this address into your browser’s address bar: This is the new address of the site, and it is the official URL communicated by its creators. In the event of a change, or if the site is inaccessible again, do not hesitate to return to this page to obtain a new address. Note, however, that if you cannot connect, it could be a technical malfunction, or a blockage from your ISP.

Exercise caution when using a VPN

If watching anime or animated series on a streaming site is essential to you, it is better to be careful. Sites like Adkami are illegal, accessing them is therefore risky, both for rights holders and the authorities. Of course, we can’t stop you from going to Adkami, the least we can do is advise you to use a VPN before connecting.

With a VPN, you surf in complete safety and neither the authorities nor rights holders will be able to track you. A VPN actually hides your IP, and therefore your online identity. And in case Adkami is blocked, you could easily bypass the blockage by using a VPN.

Alternatives to Adkami

The Internet is a vast field of entertainment. It therefore makes sense that there are many streaming sites offering free Japanese anime and animation series. And Adkami is not the only platform available to watch this kind of content. There are legal sites like Wakanim, whose content respects copyright and whose catalog remains very varied.

In France, there is Vostfree, a very intuitive site which offers a catalog in VF or VOSTFR of better quality. If you don’t mind ads, you can watch your favorite anime on VoirAnime. The quality of the videos varies between 480 and 720p. Sufficient for those who wish to view content on a mobile.

Finally, we recommend that you go to French Anime or Mavanime. The first offering an internal search engine to make it easier to find content, and the second renowned for its ease of use and very high quality content.