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After 20 years of existence: Google Earth invites you to travel into the past

Google Earth is one of the Google services little known to Millennials. However, it is one of the foundations of the Alphabet group’s prosperity, just like its famous search engine. In this year 2021, this module celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The opportunity for the team to reveal old satellite photos allowing Internet users to rediscover some emblematic places up to 37 years ago.

Google Earth: what is it?

Google Earth is the culmination of an ambitious project partly financed by the CIA. In the early 2000s, the company Keyhole Inc. had the idea of ​​launching Earth Viewer which would take satellite photos of the entire surface of the Globe. Following a few twists and turns, Google finally managed to buy the service in progress. By leveraging the expertise of its engineers and its investment capabilities, the Mountain View giant has significantly improved the resolution of the photos. This allowed the company to present them to Internet users via Google Earth, a dedicated platform.

Google Earth free brings together photos of streets, monuments and places from virtually anywhere in the world. These photos were compiled and reused to obtain 3D elements. Google Earth allows you, for example, to view a photo-realistic three-dimensional replica of the Giza pyramid, the Eiffel Tower or even the Statue of Liberty. Of course, they evolve over the years in the same way as the monuments in question.

Beyond its primary functionalities, Google Earth online has allowed the Alphabet group to map the entire world. The photos collected as part of this project were used to create Google Maps. In addition, Google Street View uses the same process. Here, an algorithm supports street modeling. Google Earth has somehow improved GPS systems with much more accurate and constantly updated maps.

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For its twentieth anniversary Google Earth offers you Timelapse

Billions of satellite photos have been taken and saved as part of the Google Earth map project. On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, Google invites you to dig into these photos that are several years old to rediscover any place as it was ten or twenty years ago. Certainly, the archives go back even further since you can go back 37 years for certain monuments.

With Timelapse, the new service, you can travel to the past. To do this, simply select the location in question and go back in time using a timeline designed for this purpose. You can therefore scroll through the years using the mouse before marveling at the Amazon rainforest 10 years ago. It will sometimes be possible for you to rediscover the landscape before the construction of a building or an imposing complex.

Still, this new service makes it possible to observe the changes undergone by our planet due to global warming. It is difficult to miss the decline of certain wooded areas due to episodes of drought, floods or abnormally long winters. The Amazon, the green lung of the planet, is particularly affected although the damage is also partly caused by the fires which have repeatedly affected this part of the world. In the Arctic and Antarctica, the melting of the sea ice is also clearly visible. Vast areas covered in white a few years ago now reveal blackish soil. A land that has never seen the light of day in several centuries.