Après des dizaines de mises à jour pendant des années, Dead Cells y a mis un terme et ne recevra plus de nouveau contenu

After dozens of updates for years, Dead Cells has ended it and will no longer receive new content

What has been achieved with Dead Cells in all this time is something to continually applaud. The game content has been significantly expanded Over the years, thanks to free updates and many other expansions and collaborations, which overall has helped make it an exceptional roguelike that is always worth replaying.

However, after dozens of new features constantly added, it has arrived it’s time to say goodbye . SO Evil Empire made it known in a statement indicating that update number 35, called The End is Near, will be the last to be activated. From this point on, the title will no longer receive new content.

In total, five years full of surprises and during which Dead cells changed for the better. Here you have the complete declaration of this division which is part of Motion Twin:

After five years of service, four DLCs, 18 updates, some epic crossovers and a mobile version with Playdigious, Evil Empire will no longer continue working on Dead Cells. We are immensely proud of the work we have done on the game, we have loved every minute of it and we are very grateful to Motion Twin for believing in us and allowing us to play with their baby for so long.

We will miss working with Dead Cells and especially the incredible community. Creating new content with you and seeing your reactions to some of our crazy additions has been great, even if we haven’t always been perfect. In this case, we are sorry for all the controllers that were broken because of Derelict Distillery…

The good news is that our Dead Cells team has gone wild to unleash their talents on our secret projects and we will reveal what their crazy minds have on their hands very soon. In the meantime, we wish Motion Twin the best and the best of luck with their new Windblown video game.

In addition to the aforementioned update for PC and consoles, the version for mobile devices is still due to receive update 34, Clean Cut, before the end of this year. In any case, neither of them has an official date, although what is certain is that those responsible for Dead cells They put spotlight on other projects .

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In fact, there is also another one in the works that is related to the famous roguelike, as in the summer of 2023 it was revealed that a Dead Cells animated series was being produced that would be made by Motion Twin itself- even in collaboration with the French studio. Bobbypills, the same one who left us the animated sequences which accompany the numerous trailers for the game.