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After his sudden disappearance, there is a plan to resurrect The Day Before. Its creators have nothing to do with it

The debacle of The Day Before had nothing to do with bad luck, but with a series of linked controversies that dealt it the final blow just days after its release. And be careful, in the process, they removed those responsible and their credibility as a studio. This could have been a bad game like any of the ones released throughout 2023, but the fact that it was the most desired game on Steam ended up working against it. And despite this, there is currently a project to resurrect it.

Before you raise your eyebrows (I did before writing these words to you), it’s time to make something very clear: Fntastic is not coming back. The accident was so big. They themselves considered that these were “things that happen”. Thus, like so many small, large abandoned projects that were destroyed overnight, the initiative to reopen the doors of The day before go through the mods.

Which brings us to the first problem: How do you bring back a game that was literally taken offline?

Since the drop of The Day Before (and the much-publicized speculation about keys to the game itself), user Luci0 (realluci0 In

Lucio’s grand plan to resurrect The day before It’s not about enabling the offline experience, but also start a custom server so that online gaming is also possible. Once this was achieved, I would delegate to the modding community the task of polishing and converting the result into what the game itself was intended to be.

Once that was done, we would let the modding community do their own thing and see where that would take us in terms of adding features etc.

Now a window opens to trick the game and allow us to enter. At least on paper. And that’s a key part of the process.

The Day Before offline crack is in progress. It’s still early, but user @realluci0 is considering redirecting the server connection to a local connection which, in theory, would allow re-entry into the game

Not only has 2023 given us some of the best games of the decade, and some of the millennium so far, but there have also been some notable disappointments, although the outcome for video game enthusiasts has been more positive than not thing and, we are not going to deny it, we did not have time to play everything. However, even in these cases, the debacle, the disappointment and the number of broken promises of The day before has managed to capture the fascination of a large number of players to a certain extent.

It will be interesting to see where this initiative takes us. Ultimately, the disappearance of video games is a very real problem. And we have not forgotten all these initiatives to relaunch the PT and to what extent this ended up creating a precedent. If mod creators can take Bethesda and Rockstar games to new levels and turn games like Warcraft 3 or Counter-Strike into blockbusters like DOTA and Counter Strike, there may still be hope. The day before.