alibaba leak

Alibaba victim of colossal data leak

1 billion: this is the estimated number of data leaked from Alibaba, the Chinese online sales giant. According to the Wall Street Journal, the breach was mainly at Taobao, the subsidiary of the group founded by Jack Ma. This is essentially personal information of the multinational’s customers. For the moment, the information has not yet been published on the Web.

8 months of personal information stolen from Alibaba

Alibaba is visited by approximately 925 million people per month. The group is based on several subsidiaries, including Taobao, a star of e-commerce in China. This revelation about a massive leak of customer information can forever taint its image as a leader in its field. To gather sensitive data, an employee of the online sales company used an indexing robot. This robot crawls the Web collecting strictly private information.

In 8 months of mining in Big Data, the Taobao employee gathered practically a billion identifiers and as many civilities. The compromised data includes phone numbers and various information that should remain confidential. The media reports that the employee shared the information with his boss within the Alibaba subsidiary.

Attempt to attack the integrity of a billion people

Aware of the maneuver, the parent company quickly alerted the police. Once brought to court, the case resulted in criminal sanctions. The perpetrator of the excessive exploitation and his superior were fined €58,000 and three years in prison. Responding to his actions, the manager at Taobao explains that the data was not intended for trafficking. They did not commit this misdeed with the aim of reselling sensitive information.

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In China, the cell phone number is delicate information that should not be placed in the hands of just anyone. It can lead to the discovery of the identity of the holder in the smallest details. A malicious person who has this information can in particular harm the digital aspect of their victim’s life. For example, he could hack his accounts on social networks.

Administrative sanctions for Alibaba

The online sales giant, which has sprawling networks in China and the rest of the world, must also face its share of responsibility. The multinational faces administrative sanctions under the cybercrime law in its country of origin. Which adds to the list of legal hassles involving the charismatic founder of Alibaba.

Serving as a model of success for his compatriots, multi-billionaire and self-made man Jack Ma must also answer to justice in a case that links him to Ant Group. This company is in the crosshairs of Chinese regulatory bodies for having made maneuvers contrary to the evolution of technology. Which earned him a ban from the stock market sector as well as various restrictive measures.

Finally, it is clear that 2021 was not a good year for companies working mainly in NICTs. Facebook itself lost a billion dollars due to an outage whose explanations are still being heard. LinkedIn and other internet giants have also admitted to being victims of attacks or data leaks. Which calls for vigilance when it comes to technology.