un studio d'animation amateur annonce l'adaptation du chapitre spécial de Naruto centré sur Minato Namikaze

an amateur animation studio announces the adaptation of the special chapter of Naruto centered on Minato Namikaze

Last year, Masashi Kishimoto gave us, for his birthday Naruto , a special chapter dedicated to the audience’s favorite character: Minato Namikaze. The Japanese mangaka’s return to the brushes has excited fans of the franchise, and now some of them want to bring this unique one-shot to life.

Through its social networks, the amateur animation studio Galactic Republic Studio announced this project made by and for fans of Kishimoto’s work. Although no date has been mentioned and there is only one poster, it seems that production is on track since, according to the announcement, the animation is almost completely finished.

For those who haven’t yet read the manga, this special one-shot focuses on Minato Namikaze, the father of Naruto and third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. In it, we will see how the young shinobi makes his way through the ninja world and manages to perfect his most famous attack: the Flying Jutsu of the God of Thunder.

More and more fans are embarking on projects of this type on their own. A few years ago we were able to witness one of the best fanmades ever made with Legend – A Dragon Ball Tale, while currently we are witnessing adaptations of Berserk and an alternate ending to Attack on Titan. Let’s hope that Japanese animation studios pay attention to this project and, instead of filing a complaint, decide to recruit this legion of anime-loving fans.

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