Les développeurs d'Apex Legends confirment un incident de piratage d'esports et répondent avec des mises à jour « en couches »

Apex Legends developers confirm hacking incident in esports, respond with “multi-layered” updates.

The world of gaming was recently shaken by an unprecedented event affecting the championship Global Series ofApex Legends, a game popular with millions of players across the globe. The organizers were forced to postpone the North American final, following malicious actions which compromised the very essence of the competition: its integrity.

On the Sunday before the postponement, two players from top teams were the targets of a computer attack in the middle of a live broadcast. This unwanted intrusion injected them with unearned competitive advantages, such as tricks to see through walls, thus casting serious doubt on the security of the systems in place in the world of online gaming.

Gaming authorities have not confirmed the precise origin of this attack, sparking speculation about a potentially exploited vulnerability within the gaming infrastructure.Apex Legends. An exploit known as remote code execution (RCE) was mentioned, which would have allowed the attacker to operate directly on victims’ computers.

However, in response to these concerns, statements from accounts representing Epic Online Services And Easy anti-cheat attempted to reassure the community that no known RCE exploits were being used against their security system. This topic of cybersecurity in the online gaming space now occupies a prominent place in discussions within the community.

Days after the incident, Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends, revealed that an investigation was underway and measures were being taken to strengthen security against such intrusions.

On a dramatic side of this episode, videos have been circulating showing players affected by these hacks, including that of DarkZero’s Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose, demonstrating how powerless they were in the face of these attacks. Another notable victim was TSM’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, also reporting anomalies during his gameplay.

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According to one of the reported incidents, a user known under the pseudonym “Destroyer2009”, previously reported for similar malicious activities, was involved. This connection raises deeper questions about the recurrence and prevention of such attacks in the gaming ecosystem.

In conclusion, this event highlights the dire need for strong security systems to protect not only the integrity of competitions but also the privacy and security of players within the gaming community. The industry finds itself at a crossroads, needing to reaffirm its commitment to a safe competitive gaming space. Fans ofApex Legends and participants look forward to the measures that will be put in place to prevent any recurrence of such inconveniences, highlighting the crucial importance of cybersecurity in the digital world of gaming.