Les employés de l'Apple Store affirment que leurs collègues ont été sanctionnés pour avoir soutenu les Palestiniens

Apple Store Employees Reveal Sanctions Against Support for Palestinians

In a remarkable mobilization that echoes across the global technology sector, a group of Apple employees and ex-employees, known as Apples4Ceasefire, have spoken out to denounce practices deemed discriminatory within the American company. The latter highlighted the case of colleagues sanctioned, even **fired for having displayed their support** for the Palestinian people at work, through the wearing of accessories such as pins, bracelets or even the keffiyeh, a recognized symbol of the Palestinian cause.

This protest reached its climax with the announcement of a **demonstration planned in Chicago**, outside the Apple store in Lincoln Park, illustrating the determination of employees to make themselves heard. The trigger for this wave of indignation appears to be the case of a Palestinian employee of the same store, who was allegedly fired for wearing clothing expressing support for Palestine, a situation exposed and discussed in a podcast by the media Palestine in America.

The open letter addressed to **Tim Cook**, CEO of Apple, does not fail to recall the positions taken by the company in the context of the recent attacks between Israel and Hamas, where Cook expressed his sympathy for the Israeli victims. The authors of the letter deplore the absence of a similar approach regarding Palestinian victims, despite **”more than 150 days of violence against innocent Palestinians”**.

This movement is part of a broader context of dissidence within tech giants, where employees are demanding increased recognition and support for the Palestinian cause from their employers. This exhortation crossed Apple’s borders to reach Google where, in March, more than 600 employees protested funding for an Israeli technology conference in New York, raising ethical questions about the search giant’s partnership with the Israeli government via the Nimbus project.

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**Tariq Ra’ouf**, a major technical player in this campaign at Apple, points out that a majority of the letter’s signatories come from the company’s retail sector, with significant representation coming from various functions and geographies. The Apples4Ceasefire coalition brings together the voices of active and retired employees from all four corners of the globe, an undeniable sign of the universal importance of the cause they defend.

Ra’ouf emphasizes the unique opportunity for Apple, a company that regularly touts its commitment to improving the world, to put words into action on this historic occasion.

The Apples4Ceasefire initiative and the events that preceded it raise critical questions about corporate social responsibility in complex political and human contexts, demonstrating once again the power of collective voice in the quest for justice and ‘equity.