Artificial intelligence

One more step for NVIDIA in AI with the acquisition of ARM for $40 billion


It was to be expected, the American giant NVIDIA has just bought ARM for a record sum of 40 billion dollars. This acquisition risks shaking up the semiconductor industry and at the same time, allowing Nvidia to make great strides towards mastering artificial intelligence. The rumors are true, Nvidia, pioneer of graphics cards and AI has confirmed the purchase of

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Neuralink: Elon Musk creates a cybernetic pig

photo de Elon Musk presentant l'implant neuronal neuralink

In July 2019, the famous billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced the trial of his Neuralink brain implant on humans. But for now, it is a pig named Gertrude who has had the honor of being the guinea pig for the new brain-machine interface prototype. An extraordinary experience that many were able to enjoy thanks to a live broadcast on YouTube.

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Sales forecasting: how does AI help retailers in the most difficult cases?

What are the hardest sales items to predict? This is a question that many marketers have been thinking about for ages. Against all expectations, this questioning helped to shed light on the variables that influence the volume of your sales. Variables that retailers can now partly control thanks to AI. Fresh foods: a textbook case Fresh foods are among the

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Artificial intelligence at the service of the gaming world

intelligence artificielle

At the time of writing this article, a majority of market players with regard to gambling are content to use ordinary software to manage their various lucrative applications. However, as in recent years, AI is entering the heart of all businesses, however diverse and varied they may be, and online games are about to take a step forward in this

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Python: a language designed for machine learning

logo du language de programmation python

Born in the early 90s, Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​among application developers. When it was created, it made it possible to automate certain recurring scripting tasks. The time saving is complemented by the possibility of managing a large quantity of information flexibly. Which delights Webmasters of large sites with multiple functionalities. However, it is mainly

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AI: discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing translation

intelligence artificielle

Translation is entering a new era with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. AI based on Deep Learning makes it possible to speed up work by pre-cutting content to be translated into another language. Equipped with a multitude of features, translator programs also have the advantage of adapting to specific needs. Find out more through this article. Artificial intelligence makes it

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Why it’s impossible to criticize AI and why E.S News does it anyway

Why it's impossible to review AIs, and why TechCrunch is doing it anyway

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape is growing rapidly, with new models unveiled virtually every week. However, this rapid progress raises many challenges, including that of evaluating these AI models. Existing assessment frameworks struggle to keep pace with the evolution and scale of AI systems. Unmarked and constantly updated, these AI configurations are difficult to judge completely and consistently. The results

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The head of Stability AI leaves his post, saying it is futile to try to surpass a centralized AI system with even more centralized AI.

Le PDG de Stability AI démissionne parce qu'il est impossible de battre une IA centralisée avec une IA plus centralisée

In a surprising turnaround, Emad Mostaque, the founder and CEO of Stability AI, a prominent artificial intelligence startup, has started a new chapter in his career. He recently announced his resignation from the leadership and board positions of the startup. This is the second example of drastic changes within AI startups this week. Stability AI, backed by investors including Lightspeed

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Apple’s abandonment of the electric car project could benefit domestic robotics.

La perte de la voiture électrique d'Apple pourrait être un gain pour la robotique domestique

Apple’s dream of conquering the electric vehicle world may have ended, but the company isn’t discouraged. The company’s flagship technology, the Vision Pro, shows that the company is always willing to push the boundaries, even when success seems unlikely. Now Apple is making another risky bet: domestic robots. However, domestic robots are a difficult market to conquer. The only real

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Sundar Pichai addresses the challenge of innovation within a large company and talks about what fascinates him this year.

Sundar Pichai sur le défi d'innover dans une grande entreprise et ce qui le passionne cette année

Sundar Pichai, who heads technology company Alphabet, recently spoke about how he plans to lead one of the most important companies on the planet. He did so at a conference hosted by Stanford University’s business school. For some time now, Google – of which Alphabet is the parent company – has been facing certain challenges. The giant is particularly criticized

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Poe Launches Price-Per-Message Revenue Model for AI Bot Developers

Poe introduit un modèle de revenus au prix par message pour les créateurs de robots IA

Robotics designers now have an additional avenue to profit with Quora’s Poe AI chatbot platform. The company recently unveiled a new revenue model that allows bot inventors to set a per-message rate for their creations, allowing them to make a profit every time a user interacts with their bot. This innovation follows the launch in October 2023 of a revenue

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