AT&T réinitialise les codes d'accès des comptes après la fuite de millions de dossiers clients en ligne

AT&T Reset Passwords After Millions of Customer Data Exposed Online

Following a major data breach, **AT&T**, an undisputed leader in the telecommunications field in the United States, was forced to undertake the resetting of millions of access codes belonging to to its customers. This preemptive action was triggered shortly after E.S News uncovered a massive expose of AT&T customer records available online, revealing a major security breach.

In response to this alarming revelation, AT&T initiated a master credential reset process, a move prompted by the discovery that the compromised data included encrypted credentials potentially exploitable by malicious parties. A cybersecurity expert who studied this exposed data repository told E.S News that the encryption method used to protect the codes made them particularly vulnerable to decryption.

Following the alert launched by E.S News, **AT&T** immediately launched a comprehensive investigation, drawing on the skills of cybersecurity experts, both internal and external, to assess the extent of the situation . Initial findings indicate that all of the incriminated data dates back to 2019 or an earlier period, affecting nearly 7.6 million current account holders, as well as around 65.4 million former customers.

Faced with this unprecedented situation, **AT&T** has taken immediate steps to contact and inform affected customers, while making efforts to ensure the security of their accounts. Despite the alarming nature of the leak, the company wanted to reassure by affirming that no evidence of unauthorized access had been observed on its systems, which could have led to the extraction of the data in question.

This security scandal comes after years of speculation about the security of customer data at **AT&T**. Already, in 2021, a hacker claimed to be behind a breach affecting 73 million customer records, an allegation that the company categorically rejected, while leaving doubt about the true origin of the leak.

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The information exposed includes sensitive details such as customer names, home addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and social security numbers. Even more troubling, each record would contain the customer account access code in an encrypted format, according to the findings of Sam “Chick3nman” Croley, a cybersecurity researcher who examined the leaked data.

Despite the legitimate concerns raised by this discovery, **AT&T** is working to reassure its customers by taking assertive steps to prevent any potential misuse of compromised information. This passcode reset initiative appears to be a crucial step in the fight against identity theft and fraud, highlighting the importance of vigilance and proactive protection of personal data in today’s growing world. connected today.