Authenticate your documents quickly with ink pads

The ink pad is a tool commonly used by both professionals and individuals. It is used to mark different supports such as paper, textiles, etc. The mark of an ink stamp on a document is not trivial. It is proof of guarantee which has legal value in the event of litigation.

The logo, date and more with an ink stamp

For choose your ink pad carefully, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how you want to use it; customizable models are also the most interesting. Indeed, the personalized ink stamp allows you to indicate the text of your choice. You can bring more originality to it, compared to standard professional models. Often, the most common business ink pads are date stamps. However, it is also possible to use your logo in the form of a professional ink stamp. Generally, for this ink stamp model, you can add other important information about your company to your logo. These include, for example, name, contacts, registration numbers, address, etc.

This type of ink pad saves you enormous time. You can affix it as a header to various documents in your box. It is also useful for signature on business checks and other administrative and accounting papers. In addition to the date and logo, a professional ink stamp can include any type of text likely to convey a precise message to a document.

ink pad

The brand of the ink pad offers more credibility

A document marked with an ink stamp is systematically more reliable. The professional ink stamp is the official seal of a company. When you produce any document (invoice, contract, quote, etc.) and stamp it with your company stamp, it takes on a more professional look. The recipient naturally attaches more importance to it. In commercial transactions, an authenticated document with a corporate stamp provides consent for a transaction. The ink stamp mark therefore serves as proof, in the event of a dispute between the parties. The ink stamp brand also creates a relationship of trust between a company and its partners.

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Likewise, with an ink pad, it is easier to organize a company’s administrative paperwork. You know exactly the entry and exit dates of all documents. You will thus be able to better monitor your activity and trace all your transactions. Finally, a personalized ink stamp with your company information is a powerful communication tool. It will inevitably help improve your brand image.

Ink pads can have several shapes

Ink pads have the advantage of being suitable for all uses, because they can be made in different formats. There are mainly four: rectangular and square ink pads, round stamps and oval stamps. In terms of sizes, there are the small format and the large format ink pads. In fact, the dimensions of the stamps are determined depending on the message to be written there. As you will have understood, you must first explicitly define your text before choosing the size of the ink stamp.

Then, the ink pads are suitable for nomadic use (pocket stamp) or exclusively static use (office stamp). Finally, there are manual and automatic ink pads. The former are traditionally made of wood with a distinct inkwell. The second are the Trodat ink pads with integrated ink pad.