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CAM4: Data of more than 4 million French people leaked by a porn site


Notably known for streaming webcams and free sex chats, the pornographic site CAM4 was recently the victim of a significant data leak. Indeed, this is the personal data of no less than 4 million French people who are thus found in nature… This is not an isolated case and many websites have been victims of a data leak at one

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DROPBOX: What do you think of the secure offer dedicated to businesses?

Nowadays, the use of the cloud has become widely democratized among businesses. Although at present there are many online storage solutions, some ultimately prove to be much more secure than others, in this case DROPBOX is exemplary in many points and sets an example from which many actors should draw inspiration. DROPBOX Establishes in France Founded in 2007, thebusiness at

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OVH: The French hosting company soon to be listed on the stock exchange?

photo d'un datacenter de OVH

A true figurehead of cloud computing made in France, OVH is considering the capital market. The already tough competition from Cloud providers on the stock markets is raging but the arrival of OVH in the big leagues risks making a big splash in this small microcosm of Cloud Computing services. Indeed, according to rumors, OVH would be in the process

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Equinix: the world’s largest data center provider victim of Ramsomware

photo d'un data center

Equinix, the world’s largest data center provider, recently announced that it had been the victim of ransomware. To reassure its users, the company ensures that its customers’ data has not been compromised. Data is expensive, and for that, Data centers are considered real safes, digital Fort Knoxs are however not safe from cybercriminals as demonstrated here by Equinix, world market

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Definition: Data center

photo data center

A data center (or datacenter) is a facility composed of networked computers and storage that businesses and other organizations use to organize, process, store, and distribute large amounts of data. Typically, a business relies heavily on the applications, services, and data contained in a data center, making it a focal point and essential asset for daily operations. How do Data

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Definition: Big Data

illustration de big data

The term “Big Data” began appearing in dictionaries over the past decade, but the concept itself has been around at least since World War II. More recently, wireless connectivity, Internet 2.0, and other technologies have made managing and analyzing large data sets a reality for all of us. By “Big Data”, we mean data sets too large and complex for

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GDPR for advertisers

photo représentant la loi RGPD

The repercussions of the GDPR have caused a lot of noise in the world of online advertising and the number of Internet users who have chosen to share their data is increasingly minimal, although with an unexpected backlash for advertisers because consumers who still sharing their data online has a much greater value, the latter having “nothing to hide”… Since

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One more step for NVIDIA in AI with the acquisition of ARM for $40 billion


It was to be expected, the American giant NVIDIA has just bought ARM for a record sum of 40 billion dollars. This acquisition risks shaking up the semiconductor industry and at the same time, allowing Nvidia to make great strides towards mastering artificial intelligence. The rumors are true, Nvidia, pioneer of graphics cards and AI has confirmed the purchase of

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Definition: TOR


Until this year, the Internet privacy tool Tor was barely known outside the tech community. Since the revelations about the surveillance strategies of American and British spies, Tor has become a focus of criticism, accused of facilitating a dangerous “dark network” of pedophiles, drug traffickers and arms dealers. But while the NSA has tried to hack its security, Tor’s main

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5G validated and ready to be launched in France

illustration du reseau 5G

Last Tuesday, the government made public a report requested before the summer and whose conclusions affirm that it is now necessary to set up the 5G network and that the health risks of this technology allowing speeds 50x faster than 4G have no harmful effects on health. The executive has ruled and the technological evolution towards this technology is now

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Surveillance camera: Opt for video surveillance in the Cloud era.

photo d'une camera de surveillance connectée

camera-surveillance.eu Easy to install, simple to use and very accessible when compared to traditional and complex video surveillance systems, connected cameras are becoming widely available among individuals but also for businesses who want to be able to keep an eye on their belongings without having to be nearby and in complete peace of mind. The price of connected cameras has

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RTX 3080: epic success for the latest from NVidia

photo de la carte graphique RTX 3080

Available for just a few days at a price of 719 euros, the Nvidia RTX 3080 is already enjoying incredible success, going so far as to go out of stock just a few hours after its official launch in the United States but also in France. The phenomenal power of this graphics card has created incredible enthusiasm among gamers but

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Ransomware: Dark assessment for this hospital targeted by a cyberattack

photo d'un microscope

Sad results for this new cyberattack. Targeted by ransomware, the hospital located in Germany was unable to provide the care necessary to treat a patient. The latter was urgently transferred to another establishment but the journey was fatal. In the history of ransomware attacks, this is my first time that the human toll was so catastrophic. Indeed, the recent attack

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Definition: Ransomware

photo d'un, ordinateur portable

Ransomware is an extortion tactic that uses malware to hold a user’s computer system hostage until a ransom is paid. Attackers typically demand payment in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, due to its perceived anonymity and ease of online payment. The malware used in a software attack against which ransomware is demanded locks the user’s computer for a limited time, after

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Neuralink: Elon Musk creates a cybernetic pig

photo de Elon Musk presentant l'implant neuronal neuralink

In July 2019, the famous billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced the trial of his Neuralink brain implant on humans. But for now, it is a pig named Gertrude who has had the honor of being the guinea pig for the new brain-machine interface prototype. An extraordinary experience that many were able to enjoy thanks to a live broadcast on YouTube.

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