3 factors that influence the price of a mobile application

Mobile applications are programs developed by developers to perform one or more tasks. In practice, some studies estimate that 258 billion applications are expected to be downloaded in 2022. This makes this sector a booming market that many want to enter. However, designing a mobile application involves a certain cost that is important to plan for. Discover some factors that

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Pick to light: technology at the service of logistics


To improve the efficiency of warehouse operators, more and more companies are turning to efficient and intuitive picking methods such as Pick to Light. What is it and what are these benefits? How does the Pick to light system work in the logistics sector? Pick to light is a computer-assisted order picking system that does not require paper. In this

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Construction site sign: the essentials for making the right choice


Construction sites are places where the risk of work accidents is high. There were nearly 88,600 in 2019 on French territory. To protect users of these sites, it is common to prescribe safety rules which are generally displayed on signage. However, what characteristics must these elements have to be effective? Here we present to you the essentials to remember when

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4 tips to save on logistics costs


In addition to production, logistics management is also among the highlights for a company. To be profitable, it must ensure good management of its logistics. This must be done not only at the level of task planning, but also on cost reduction. The stakes are high, because we will have to find the right formula to reduce costs while preserving

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The challenges of managing change in business

conduite du changement en entreprise

A functioning business is an environment prone to many changes, particularly due to the constant evolution of the market and its needs. To respond to this constant race for evolution and the needs of the market, which are also constantly evolving, it is imperative for the company to know how to rethink itself regularly, both in terms of its activities

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Rely on leads to sell heat pumps

With environmental and energy saving issues, heat pumps are increasingly becoming the target of much attention. Indeed, they seem to be excellent equipment for reconciling these two elements. The craze around these therefore attracts many people wishing to obtain some information. Therefore, a company must be able to produce leads in order to attract attention to it and improve its

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