Le majordome de Batman est ridiculement riche

Batman’s butler is ridiculously rich

Always in the shadow of the Black Knight, Alfred Pennyworth He has become an iconic figure in the Gotham superhero. He has taken care of little Bruce Wayne since the death of his parents and has been his greatest confidant in his crusade against crime, while keeping everything in order at Wayne Manor.

However, few people would expect that a very wealthy person would want to get involved in household chores. This is what Dick Grayson thought in Nightwing #78, published in 2021, after reading the will of the man who became his father figure. This issue marked the arrival of Tom Taylos and Bruno Redondo in the collection, so they implemented an unexpected plot twist.

After Alfred’s death, Grayson did not attend the reading of the text where he bequeathed all his property, so it was Barbara Gordon who came to his apartment to inform him. Dick checks that he received all the money the butler had which shouldn’t exactly be small

“Why would a billionaire make me sandwiches and do my laundry?” Dick asks, while Barbara responds that “for the same reason a billionaire would fight crime in Gotham, that’s what he wanted to do”. Although the exact amount is not revealed, it can be speculated that it is an insane fortune, although… how is that possible?

The answer is simple, since once he had to take care of Bruce Wayne, Alfred became the boy’s legal guardian. This responsibility meant that obtained shares of Wayne Industries , beyond a good chunk of money from the Waynes. Obviously, all that money was invested and kept smartly, so the character never had to envy Batman’s riches.

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