BeIN Sport

BeIN Sport: how to subscribe to the channel?

Created to cover sporting events, BeIN Sport currently has 10 Ultra HD and 4K channels to bring live major competitions taking place in France and elsewhere. The television network offers retransmission through satellite packages or via the Internet box. There are therefore different options for subscribing to a subscription.

Subscribe to a subscription to the BeIN Sport Connect offer

Subscription can be done directly with the television network’s customer service. This entertainment provider offers a digital offering called BeIN Sport Connect. It is accessible from any device connected to the Internet. You can follow the matches from a PC, phone, tablet or Smart TV. It is also possible to receive the programs on a game console connected to WiFi before broadcasting it on a standard screen. This requires an HDMI cable or a Chromecast transmitter.

Regardless of the size of the screen on which you watch BeIN Sport programs, the monthly subscription will cost you €15. This price drops to €14 if you commit to one year. Direct subscription to the digital offer is suitable for mobile equipment which will be able to follow sports competitions from wherever they are. For the home, you need a Smart TV, that is to say a connected device or go through an Internet service provider.

Subscribe to channels via Internet boxes

By subscribing to the Bouyges Telecom Internet box, you can benefit from a BeIN Sport offer. It is offered in addition to the Bbox Must plans for €22.99/month and Bbox Ultym for €27.99/month. In both cases, optional access to sports channels costs you €5/month if you commit for a whole year. The price increases afterwards, but you are not obliged to renew the contract.

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At Orange, the BeIN Sport option has a flat rate of €15/month. The telephone operator and Internet service provider does not require any annual commitment. The price and conditions are the same with SFR. The telecommunications brand offers to add 100% sports thematic channels for €15/month. This rate is retained if you connect to the Internet directly on a Smartphone or tablet using an SFR package.

Opt for the Canal Plus channel pack

Households already subscribed to Canal Plus channels can receive BeIN Sport if they subscribe to the corresponding option. This add-on costs them €15 per month, but it allows them to watch sporting events directly on a traditional television. The station should still have an HDMI port. Then, you always have to pay the price of the pack which includes the satellite dish and the decoder.

Canal Plus offers a decreasing rate. Those who choose to commit to 24 months are entitled to a discount. If you do not wish to subscribe for that long, it is always possible to sign for a year or not make a contract at all. Another alternative is to subscribe to an offer of €30/month. In this case, you will only be able to view the matches on your computer or mobile device.

Bonus: the programs expected on BeIN Sport

You can follow several sporting events on BeIN Sport. Unless there is any change, the next seasons of the Top 14 rugby competition are planned on its channels. This is the case for the oval ball World Cup. Then, there is the UEFA Champions League as well as the meeting of the year Qatar 2022. That’s not all, the grid also contains basketball, Formula 1 grand prix as well as other disciplines. Whatever you decide, our ultimate advice would be to commit at least for 6 months, that is to say until the end of the year.