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Best sites to watch your Tennis matches in Live Streaming

France is a major tennis country with its million people licensed in the discipline. Nearly half of them do not even have the age of majority. There are those who run on a court with their racket in hand and others who prefer to watch matches on a screen. If you are one of them, know that several platforms dedicate their program to the little yellow ball. Here are some good places to follow tennis streaming.

Tennis TV, the official site for live streaming

The site is a reference for following the best of the little yellow ball in live streaming. Tennis TV notably offers the ATP World Tour. It is a men’s competition bringing together the cream of the discipline. It brings together tennis players from the grand slam, Masters 1000 and ATP 250 Series. You are sure to attend very high-level meetings with images in 1080 HD quality — 50 FPS. In addition to live or replay matches, you have scores and statistics. can be opened from any device connected to the Internet, including Smart TV and the Xbox One and Playstation 4 home consoles. Those who have a traditional television will need to use Chromecast or AirPlay, the connector that connects to plug into USB port. You will also be able to visit Tennis TV from a Mac, PC, or tablet. Owners of Android mobiles or iPhones are not left out. As far as money is concerned, you will have to pay around fifteen euros.

France Télévisions, an alternative choice legal

Nearly 10% of French people admit to not watching television for one reason or another. These people can follow tennis matches on digital media using the Internet. The France Télévisions group has created an application that allows you to watch tennis matches in live streaming. In just a few clicks, you can admire the confrontations between the lords of clay like Rafael Nadal, Casper Ruud or Jo-Wilfried Tsounga.

On the application or from the link, you can virtually attend the Roland-Garros matches as if you had made the trip at Porte d’Auteuil. The media group offers this 100% digital channel as an alternative to its broadcasts on France 2, France 3 and France 4. You will have the impression of sitting in the stands during a Grand Slam tournament.

WTATV, a channel in the honor of tenniswomen

The site is dedicated to WTA women’s tournaments. This is the right address to follow the stars of the discipline at world level. This paid platform is one of the best for watching the Polish Iga Swiatek or the Estonian Anett Kontaveit in action. These are the two leaders of the ranking. French athletes have been missing from the top 20 for some time, but surprises remain possible.

Tennis TV’s alter ego suggests different ways to enjoy matches. There is streaming, but also live duplex. Subscribers will also be able to benefit from multiscreen broadcasting. Several devices then make it possible to follow separate meetings from the same site. The subscription costs €9 per month, with an annual rate of €67.

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Sport Plus, the completely free alternative

Those who want to watch tennis for free can do so from the link This platform has the merit of not requiring a subscription or registration. However, she invites you to follow meetings of all levels. It deploys a whole program where you can note the matches to come in the coming days.

This type of site requires a good connection. It may also violate copyright laws. Furthermore, Internet service providers can block sites that broadcast sporting events completely free of charge. In addition to tennis, this platform offers disciplines such as football or basketball. There are also less conventional sports like ice hockey.

Batman, a general address to know

To vary the pleasures, you can connect to Batman. No, this is not a site dedicated to the caped superhero. It is indeed a streaming platform dedicated to sport. Despite the evocative name, it is not a question of Gotham City or DC Comics, but of a program bringing together a wide variety of entertainment.

Among Batmanstream’s offerings, you have football, ice hockey, baseball, but also NFL American football. There is also men’s and women’s tennis. The site offers major meetings within the ATP or WTA. Its richly varied catalog is accessible on all media, even the most recent Smartphones. On the other hand, you have unwanted promotional advertising.

Tennis Stream, the meeting place for enthusiasts

An address appreciated by connoisseurs, Tennis Stream offers images of high-level matches. The site focuses its activity on the discipline that descends from tennis. In addition to the fixtures feeds, you have news on the stars of the yellow ball. Follow news on the undisputed champion Novak Djokovic who is retiring without leaving the world of professional sport for this year (2022).

By visiting Tennis Stream, you will learn more about French female stars such as Amélie Mauresmo. There are points, rankings and other interesting information. The platform does not overwhelm you with advertisements. On the other hand, the image quality sometimes leaves something to be desired. In short, is an address to know.

Free streaming: is it illegal?

Yes, the answer is affirmative with the exception of a few service providers. Often, the sites which broadcast the meetings do not pay the image rights. They broadcast events to be able to place advertisements for which advertisers have indeed paid. This is not the case with the France Télévisions application. This media group carries out an entirely legal activity and its business model is based on the classic channels belonging to the group.

Watching tennis in free streaming does not involve any particular risk. However, this type of practice is frowned upon by rights holders. The authorities tolerate the fact that Internet users browse the sites they like, even if they are illegal. They seek more to block platforms at the source. Prosecutions against publishers can also be initiated. Finally, you can continue to see illegal content if you like the idea, but at least try subscribing to a VPN service or changing your proxy.