Beyond the Multiverse reviendra en production dès que possible après la fin de la grève des acteurs

Beyond the Multiverse will return to production as soon as possible after the actors’ strike ends

After several months of protests and unsuccessful negotiations, the SAG-AFTRA union finally confirmed the end of the actors’ strike. Today, members of the industry can now start working without issue, and many projects were quick to announce their return to filming.

Among all these productions, the one that caught the public’s attention the most is Spider-Man: Beyond the Multiverse the third and final film in the animated saga starring Miles Morales and directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

Thanks to Deadline, we learned that Sony would begin recordings that were pending before the start of the strike as quickly as possible, notably those of Voice off which are normally used to introduce new characters that appear on screen.

It is still unclear when the film will be released in theaters. Several months ago, the production company eliminated the planned release date and, until further notice, it is unknown when it will be able to land. Spider-Man: Beyond the Multiverse in cinemas around the world. The key, in this case, will be the colorful and complex animation work of this saga, so let’s hope to see an update before the end of the year.

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