Big Data

DROPBOX: What do you think of the secure offer dedicated to businesses?

Nowadays, the use of the cloud has become widely democratized among businesses. Although at present there are many online storage solutions, some ultimately prove to be much more secure than others, in this case DROPBOX is exemplary in many points and sets an example from which many actors should draw inspiration. DROPBOX Establishes in France Founded in 2007, thebusiness at

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OVH: The French hosting company soon to be listed on the stock exchange?

photo d'un datacenter de OVH

A true figurehead of cloud computing made in France, OVH is considering the capital market. The already tough competition from Cloud providers on the stock markets is raging but the arrival of OVH in the big leagues risks making a big splash in this small microcosm of Cloud Computing services. Indeed, according to rumors, OVH would be in the process

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Clinique Pasteur patients can consult a doctor remotely

e consultation

Toulouse residents followed by one of the Clinique Pasteur specialists can now benefit from a consultation from home using the most common applications. A service that will save the most afflicted from any travel. Many patients at the Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse regularly consult a practitioner. For their comfort, the establishment has set up a service intended to manage home

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Wetransfer: How to use this free data transfer service?


Internet users today have the choice between many alternatives for transferring large files. However, Wetransfer is among the solutions most often chosen by interested parties. In addition to being easy to use, this tool can be used for free. What is Wetransfer? As its name suggests, Wetransfer was designed to allow users to transfer files online. Presented in the form

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iCloud: What is iCloud and how does it work?

photo de icloud

iCloud is the generic name for all services that Apple provides over the Internet, whether on a Mac, an iPhone or a PC running Windows (an iCloud client for Windows is available). These services include iCloud Drive, which is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive; iCloud Photo Library, which is an offshoot of Photo Stream; iTunes Match; and even Apple

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Big Data in times of pandemic

photo du big data

With a significant number of active cases worldwide, the novel coronavirus represents an extreme public health challenge. The outbreak of the pandemic has led to strict travel restrictions, making data collection very difficult for the development research community. Traditional data collection methods that require field visits can be risky in these difficult times. In this context, if appropriate privacy and

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IT aka Information Technology – Complete file

technologie information

IT aka Information Technology, the complete file Information technologies flood your daily life. More than a set of inventions and professions, these are challenges to be met for providers of communications solutions. This digital industry plunges humanity into what is called the age of computing after that of stone and bronze. This article tells you everything about the world of

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pCloud review: test of the online storage platform


Like many other people, you may encounter a storage capacity problem on your PC or Smartphone. Pcloud, promises to be one of the various solutions to this inconvenience. This platform allows you to save your professional or personal files so as not to clutter your device. This is a great promise, but you still need to know if the service

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Data, essential for digital business


A real lever for development, data today holds an important place in companies’ digital strategies. It helps boost turnover, find new prospects and offer a service that meets customers’ real expectations. Digital data is indeed becoming essential for making a business flourish. Therefore, the number of people who specialize in this discipline is constantly increasing. To better face the competition,

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Apache Spark: What is this engine dedicated to processing XXL data used for?

Apache Spark concept with Random Parts of Program Code.Apache Sp

With just one computer, you can accomplish a number of tasks. This could be office automation or multimedia. However, your PC will quickly show its limits for other, more complex work such as data processing. You need several networked computers. Apache Spark is the analysis engine that makes it possible to coordinate the efforts of several machines grouped into clusters.

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