L'anime Boku no Hero Academia confirme sa date de sortie pour la nouvelle saison avec une bande-annonce pleine d'action

Boku no Hero Academia Anime Confirms Release Date for New Season With Action-Packed Trailer

Even if the manga is not having its best moment, the anime of Boku no Hero Academy is about to enter its final saga. After exploring more of the villains plaguing Japan, season seven will introduce us to America’s most powerful superheroine.

A few days ago the date for the new film in the franchise was announced, but that won’t be the only thing we see next year. In addition to the movie, we finally learned this weekend when we will see the hit anime again, accompanied by a spectacular trailer.

May 4, 2024 will be the day when Mojo and company return to the small screen with an arc that hopes to introduce a good number of characters of all kinds. Moreover, it is expected that with the end of this season we will see the film centered on Midoriya and supervised by the creator of the work himself on the big screen.

The objective of the series is clear: to rediscover the essence of the first seasons. Even if it is still quite famous in the industry, it is true that it is not close to what was experienced in the first seasons, where we witnessed a good number of chapters and high voltage arcs as classic as they are fresh.

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