Le chapitre 419 du manga Boku no Hero Academia laisse les fans figés face à un événement inattendu

Boku no Hero Academia Manga Chapter 419 Leaves Fans Frozen Over Unexpected Event

Notice: Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapter 419 spoilers

While waiting for the new season of the anime, the Boku no Hero Academia manga continues its course with a final arc that leaves fans speechless. Although it seemed that the fate of humanity was assured, a huge unforeseen problem arose that caused, as expected, a media earthquake among fans of the series.

The fight between Izuku Midoriya Yes Tomura Shigaraki She was more tense than ever, since the villain had lost control of his powers and his madness had completely taken over her body. It is here that Deku tries to stop him by all means, but the consequences of this act leave our hero in a state of shock.

Chapter leaks have confirmed that Deku, the hero protagonist, loses both his arms after this fight, leaving a shocking panel where Midoriya can be seen on the ground without any of his upper limbs. However, all is not lost.

Besides Aizawa arriving on the battlefield at the last moment, there is someone who could miraculously save our protagonist: Different . This young woman has demonstrated that her power is capable of reversing time almost to the point of resurrecting people on the verge of death; he even helped Deku use 100% of his power in the fight against Overhaul. Despite everything, we will have to wait for the next chapters to find out if Midoriya will finally be able to use the weapons that once gave him glory.

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