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Boursorama has won 3 million subscribers

Targeting a young clientele, Boursorama finds itself at the top of the ranking of online banks with 3 million wallets to its credit. The number of subscribers of this 100% digital subsidiary of the Société Générale group has increased exponentially with the health crisis. However, the pandemic has only highlighted a profitable strategy that the pure player has maintained since its creation 30 years ago. Here are the keys to its success.

Undisputed leadership for Boursorama

While the French are enjoying their first summer vacation in the sun after Covid, the Staff of Boursorama mobile celebrates a major event. On August 12, 2021, the online bank reached the milestone of 3 million customers. Which keeps it at the top of the general ranking. The 100% digital subsidiary of the Société Générale financial group is ahead of the Dutch ING Bank, which has one million subscribers in France. Hello and Fortuneo are fighting for third place on the podium with 600,000 and 500,000 customers respectively.

For those asking the question “is Boursorama a bank”, the answer is affirmative. The company is not content with traditional offers or stock market investments. The company deploys around thirty distinct products. It offers access to the Stock Exchange. It is also an insurance company. Unlike neobanks, this service provider specializes in real estate loans and consumer credit. This wide range of services is continually enriched with the aim of reaching 4.5 million customers by 2025.

€16,000 average portfolios at the bank

The diversification of offers has made the digital subsidiary of Société Générale a key player in the digital economy for its customers. This status comes in part from the range Boursorama Banque Pro. That said, the outstanding amounts of 45 billion euros come mainly from individuals. The average portfolio for each client is estimated at 16,000 euros. As a reference, the financial (accounts, funds, shares) and material (jewelry, works of art, etc.) savings of the French is €27,600.

The “number one” online bank declares having made 190 million euros in net income in 2020. The pure player (100% digital) currently has 820 employees. Managers congratulate them for having attracted 370,000 new customers for the first half of 2020. 56% of them are under 30 years old. In other words, it is mainly employees with their first position and still modest incomes who make the strength of this online bank. Then there is also the Boursorama sponsorship which particularly appeals to young professionals.

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36: the average age falls for the Société Générale subsidiary

The French virtual bank took advantage of the health crisis. There is no reason to criticize him for continuing to serve customers at the height of the pandemic. In any case, young subscribers massively joined the financial platform in 2020. The average age of account holders is 36 years old. This young clientele appreciates the accessibility of real estate loans. She also likes simplified consumer loans.

The evolution of Boursorama’s outstanding credits illustrates the enthusiasm of young people for its offers. The company’s growth in France is around 25% per year. Loans weighed 12 billion euros in 2020. The appetite for risk among young adults is also palpable with the stock market specialist. Experiencing a 30% increase, stock investors are flocking from all walks of life in search of a better return. Elsewhere, “old-timers” prefer to grow their traditional savings.

13 years as the cheapest bank on the market

Those who have a taste for risk are not the only ones interested in Boursorama. Alongside traders and shareholders, ordinary savers are also loyal to the meeting. The particularly low rates have earned it the status of the cheapest bank in France. This purely honorary title was awarded to him for the thirteenth consecutive time in 2021. Simply enter “which boursorama card to choose» on Google to have a wide range of cheap offers.

In terms of user experience, the company based in Boulogne-Billancourt is proud to obtain an “A” from a respectable rating agency. D-Rating grants it this exemplary evaluation for perceived digital performance. Obtaining an “A—” remains difficult with extremely strict criteria. Some 70 financial institutions competed for the title, including neobanks.

Dozens of offers at “djeun” prices at Boursorama

stock market offers

Pillars of continued growth, new products are regularly launched at Boursorama. At the end of 2020, Ultim Metal, the premium card at €9.90/month, is making waves among subscribers. Alabri, home insurance of €4/month, also defied the competition. However, the young clientele especially appreciated The Corner. This all-in-one offer entitles you to discounts in 70 partner stores and service providers. All beneficiaries would have made 2 million euros in savings thanks to this system. The average discount from brands was 8% with guarantee.

At the end of September 2021, Matla was also born. It is a retirement savings plan. It includes life insurance even if the monthly contribution is only €150. Management fees and other fixed charges are limited to 1% of the capital to reduce the cost of the service. In the coming months, the Kador card should allow 320,000 adolescents aged 12 to 17 to develop a taste for saving and consuming, like adults. In short, Boursorama sets the bar a little too high for others.