Breath of the Wild parvient à faire un voyage explosif dans la stratosphère

Breath of the Wild manages to take an explosive trip into the stratosphere

Over the past six years, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has continued to leave us with anecdotes of all kinds thanks to the curiosities that players end up finding or the crazy things they get up to thanks to certain tricks or glitches which are present in the game. In fact, what we bring you today is one of the craziest that we saw.

YouTuber ThornyFox has a comical video in which he shows us that Link is able to leave Hyrule and travel into space itself . Yes, exactly as you read. And also without needing to use a rocket or put on a spacesuit to do it. What you need is to first complete a series of tricks taking advantage of the title’s flaws.

Fortunately, the author of the video shows the whole process step by step. We had already warned you that you will have to be very patient, because at a certain point in the process, just before shooting into the sky, you must use thousands of explosive arrows . Additionally, we can see that in order to leave the planet and reach space, approximately 67,000 units of these explosive arrows had to be used.

In the end, after a long journey, we see that the author of the video manages to make Link walk through space as if nothing had happened, without drowning or suffering any damage. The problem is that you can’t do anything in this location either, because when you throw a weapon or bomb they disappear instantly, so it isn’t long before you choose to make the trip back to the ground.

We won’t tell you the result, because it’s definitely worth watching the video out of curiosity and how it’s put together, but it’s always nice to know The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can continue to surprise us.