BTS: training that gains in flexibility

The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) is a diploma sought by both young students and professionals in the process of retraining. It brings together nearly 200 specialties which are spread across the tertiary, agricultural and industrial sectors. Like most other professional certification courses, the BTS is becoming more and more flexible, particularly with the possibility of being able to complete it online.

BTS training accessible remotely

Nowadays, it is possible to be trained in BTS from the comfort of your home.

How does distance learning work for the BTS?

The training to obtain the BTS generally takes place over two years and is culminated by obtaining 120 ETCS credits. With regard to distance learning, Admission conditions are generally identical to those for traditional courses. You must have at least a baccalaureate level. Certain special conditions may be added depending on the specialties chosen. For that, find out about distance learning BTS in order to know the prerequisites of certain training courses to better make your choice.

The distance learning BTS is made up of several modules which vary depending on the specialties. These modules allow you to alternate between videos and texts that are generally short and sequenced to optimize memorization. Live lessons via videoconference or masterclass are also organized. These can usually be recorded and then played back later.

Note that distance learning BTS courses offer rigorous and comprehensive training to optimize participants’ chances of taking the national exam. These tests include:

  • oral exams,
  • practice exams in real conditions,
  • anal,
  • methodology advice, etc.

The speed of assimilation of the lessons of this type of training relies mainly on the personal discipline of the participant and his motivation. Internship periods in companies, local or international, are planned to deepen the theoretical concepts taught.

Once the courses are completed, learners must reserve a place to take the national exam. This must be done with the rectorate or academy to which they depend with presentation of proof of training and internship.

BTS online training

Some examples of remote BTS

There are now many distance learning BTS courses in several sectors of activity.

BTS Operational Commercial Management

This is training focused on performance management, business development, customer relationship management and team management. It allows you to develop your sales and business skills in general. With a BTS in operational commercial management, you will be able to take operational responsibility for all or part of a commercial unit.

BTS Real estate professions

If you are passionate about real estate, this training is for you. At the end of the training, you will have a perfect mastery of rental management and co-ownership management in all its forms. During the training, you will receive lessons on real estate law, real estate transactions and many other important concepts for the profession.

BTS Accounting Management

This online training facilitates integration into accounting and management professions. It essentially allows you to master the tools for producing and analyzing information, and the management of accounting, social and tax obligations. With a BTS in Management Accounting, you will be able to to work directly in an expert office accountant or join the accounting department of a company.

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BTS Support for managerial action

With an estimated duration of around 1100 hours, or between 18 and 24 months, this distance learning BTS training focuses on business management and administration. It allows you to acquire, among other things, skills relating to:

  • economic culture,
  • optimization of administrative processes,
  • participation in human resources management,
  • managerial sense,
  • project management processes, etc.

So, after graduating, you may be able to manage all kinds of files, provide operational support to the members of the entity in question. You can also prepare, lead and then successfully complete all kinds of business projects.

Why choose a distance learning BTS?

Taking a BTS course remotely offers many advantages.

Easily accessible training

There is generally no test for integrating a BTS remotely. The establishments are just responsible for studying the candidates’ academic records. You will therefore be able to complete your registration within a short time.

The course modules that make up a distance learning BTS course are generally accessible via smartphone, tablet and PC every day and 24 hours a day. As a result, you can access them anytime and from anywhere. So you don’t have to travel, move out of your city or country.

Furthermore, establishments that offer this type of training offer the possibility of having access to courses for several months, or even several years after graduation. This facilitates your professional integration and allows you to optimize your company experience.

The flexibility of learning

Distance learning allows you to organize yourself as you wish to achieve your goals in terms of learning. For example, depending on your other activities, you can decide as you wish when you will take classes. Likewise, depending on your difficulties or ease, you can spend more or less time on a lesson. So, depending on your pace, the initial time reserved for the training will be more or less long.

Additionally, course modules are constantly updated to adapt to business and industry requirements. Unlike face-to-face training, distance learning allows you to do alternation. You will be able to easily combine professional responsibilities and courses received to develop your skills.

The affordable cost

Distance learning BTS training costs are affordable with various financing possibilities. You can in fact finance it yourself or use financing solutions such as a study grant, CPF financing, apprenticeship grant, etc.

Note that for distance learning, there are much fewer costs incurred than traditional training. In addition, you do not pay costs for transportation or accommodation.

BTS remotely


High-performance online tools are used in online training these days. It is intuitive platforms that facilitate exchanges with teachers and other learners. You will be able to ask your questions and obtain clarification quickly. Likewise, this interaction allows you to expand your professional network with people in the same field as you.

The training guarantee

The majority of distance learning BTS training schools are subject to state educational control. This guarantees the quality of the programs and the teachers involved in these training courses. To this end, we recommend that you choose a certified establishment.

Saving time

This is one of the most important advantages of online BTS training. Indeed, the possibility of organizing your schedule allows you to avoid unnecessary waste of time. For example, you will not have to spend long hours following a course if you are not in the condition to assimilate it. In addition, since the courses are done exclusively remotely, you save considerable time, because it is not necessary to travel to follow the courses each time.

Ultimately, the BTS gains in flexibility mainly thanks to the possibility of being trained remotely. If you are considering a career change or if you are an employee, this option is more suitable for you.