Stations spatiales Starfield1

build space stations as colonies

Base building was one of the big attractions for Starfield fans. It had already driven us crazy in No Man’s Sky and, closer to Bethesda, in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Needless to say, expectations were very high and were finally met with the launch of the game.

Many players missed a feature of the game’s building system. Star Field : Why can we only build bases on planets? Why can’t we base ourselves on a space station in any system?

User Vex (vexthecollector on NexusMods) shared his mod called Spacestations for Outposts. The modification is free and still has some bugs to fix (it is already in progress), but it already allows us to build our own special station on any known system. Star Field .

How did I do this? All the code was already in the game, but a few things were broken and didn’t work. As you can see from the current status of this mod, some things like docking are still broken in one way or another.

Vex assured that he will continue working to make the mod work properly and we can finally build space stations as colonies wherever we want. In any case, this is incredible news for manufacturers playing on the PC platform. There will definitely be plenty of resorts with incredible views!

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