Work-life balance: advice for you, employers and employees

Balancing professional and personal life is a major contemporary challenge in the face of omnipresent technology and the pressures of the professional environment. Maintaining this balance is beneficial for your individual well-being, but also essential for promoting productivity and job satisfaction. Employers play a crucial role in creating an environment conducive to this balance and employees can put in place

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The emerging skills of advanced linguistic models: an illusion

Les capacités émergentes des grands modèles linguistiques sont un mirage

In the bustling arena of artificial intelligence (AI), the race to create ever more efficient linguistic models never ceases to surprise. An ambitious project called Beyond the Imitation Game benchmark (BIG-bench) focused on this race, involving 450 researchers in the development of 204 tasks intended to push the limits of large language models. These models, which bring chatbots like ChatGPT

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Apple antitrust case: controversies surrounding the green bubble

L’affaire Apple Antitrust et la « stigmatisation » de la bulle verte

In today’s digital world, the legal battle over Apple’s dominance is taking a fascinating turn, sparking a heated debate over issues of antitrust and interoperability. At the heart of this controversy is Apple’s messaging service, iMessage, accused by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) of being a barrier to competition. However, the reaction of the Cupertino company was not

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“The growing popularity of ChatGPT at work confirms the rise of AI”

Voici la preuve que le boom de l'IA est réel : de plus en plus de personnes utilisent ChatGPT au travail

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has captured the attention of a multitude of worlds, spanning the scientific sphere, the business sector and the world of media. The fascination with this technology does not seem to be fading any time soon, as it promises to revolutionize our working methods, the organizational structure of companies and, more broadly, the very

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End of the era of mega subsidies at TikTok Shop

L'ère des super subventions de TikTok Shop touche à sa fin

Those accustomed to online shopping on TikTok Shop could soon see a notable change in the prices of items that have long been the charm of this platform. Indeed, a turnaround in the situation is on the horizon with the recent announcement of a significant increase in the fees imposed on sellers by TikTok. From now on, these fees will

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Apple Store Employees Reveal Sanctions Against Support for Palestinians

Les employés de l'Apple Store affirment que leurs collègues ont été sanctionnés pour avoir soutenu les Palestiniens

In a remarkable mobilization that echoes across the global technology sector, a group of Apple employees and ex-employees, known as Apples4Ceasefire, have spoken out to denounce practices deemed discriminatory within the American company. The latter highlighted the case of colleagues sanctioned, even **fired for having displayed their support** for the Palestinian people at work, through the wearing of accessories such

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Do Kwon, crypto tycoon, found guilty in billionaire scam

Le magnat de la cryptographie Do Kwon reconnu responsable d'une fraude de plusieurs milliards de dollars

The Terraform affair, which shook the very foundations of the cryptocurrency sector, is an exemplary account of the complexities and risks inherent in this booming industry. At the heart of this legal battle, we find Terraform Labs and its creator, facing accusations brought by the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), casting a veil of uncertainty over the regulated nature

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