Business: how to abandon the paper pay slip and go digital?

In order for your business to develop normally, it must have serious staff. In this sense, you must ensure, among other things, that salaries are always paid on time. This way, you will keep your employees motivated and can even create a kind of attachment to your company with a few other measures. Remuneration has always been accompanied by traditional pay slips. These are bulletins which take stock of the worker’s activity and his salary. You can now abandon them and move to digital payslips.

The advantages of going digital for your pay slips

With the advancement of technologies and digital tools, you have a range of solutions that can make your life easier. Some of them are specifically designed to help you in managing the different functions of your business.

This is why you have the opportunity to find solutions that can evolve your payroll management. They are efficient enough to make you abandon conventional cards in favor of so-called digital ones. In addition to allowing your business to evolve with the times, opting for such software offers multiple advantages.

Save time

The most notable advantage that should be mentioned is the time saving that comes with the adoption of digital pay slips. Produced using software designed for this purpose, they are generated automatically. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to edit them all individually.

To do this, simply enter a certain amount of data into the database and the tool will do the rest of the work. He establishes the sheet based on all the parameters that must be considered. It combines all the variables which you can otherwise enter, modify and import as you wish. This is a huge job that usually takes a lot of time when done manually.

When you have many employees, it is even more time consuming. Fortunately, with the right software, you can get digital payslips in just a few seconds. You even have the option of going further by scheduling them to be sent on the scheduled date. You therefore combine automation and anticipation to minimize the execution time of certain tasks.

Some very effective solutions even take into account current laws regarding pay slips. Fact, the regulation of online pay slips is ensured by constant updates. You no longer need to take the time to monitor to stay informed of changes to legislation.

online pay slip regulations

Gain productivity

The move to digital pay slips also means a definite gain in productivity, especially for the human resources department. With the automation of creating pay slips, compensation-related tasks are completed more quickly. There is therefore more time to complete other pending missions. The human resources department and by extension the company become more productive. The time saved is used to move the work forward at a higher speed.

Reduce errors and the risk of data loss

Conventional pay slips are characterized by many errors. This is completely normal given the workload that their preparation represents. You must therefore check the variables several times before entering them. on pay slips. During this phase, the risks of making mistakes are very high.

The same goes for the remuneration calculation phase with all the parameters to take into account. Payroll management software works automatically and does not get tired. It can generate as many pay slips as you want with the same degree of accuracy. Since it limits human intervention, errors are just bad memories.

You have bulletins that truly match to employees’ working time. Furthermore, with digital pay slips, you can say goodbye to data loss resulting from incessant transfers of variables. With the tool that generates them, you have at your disposal a single database which centralizes all the information. They are secure and accessible at any time.

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Save money

Several functions of the human resources department are linked to compensation management. By adopting digital pay slips, you at the same time adopt all the management necessary for their edition. Of course, this is not the only functionality of the tool.

Payroll management software generally has many others that ease the burden on human resources staff. In particular, he can carry out more tasks than them, using fewer resources. It requires less time, personnel and even equipment to fulfill all its functions.

online pay slip software

How to choose the best digital payroll solution for your business?

It is almost impossible to move to digital payslips without first adopting a digital solution. You will therefore need to choose it very carefully to ensure that it is suitable for your business. To do this, you simply have to let yourself be guided by the consideration of specific points.


The first thing to do is to take into account the functionalities of the software. They are very important as they define everything you can do with the tool. However, the idea isn’t to go for the digital payroll solution with the longest list of features. We recommend that you choose the one that has the most useful options for you.

Among these, there must naturally be payroll automation, but also legal monitoring and the management of social declarations. So that the most essential features for you are obvious, take the time to take stock of your needs. This will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do with your software, in addition to moving to digital payslips.

Utilisation facility

The next step is to rely on the ease of use of the payroll software. Having a payroll management solution is good. Have a tool that allows you to manage remuneration while being easy to use, it’s even better. There is no point in burdening yourself with software that is complex and difficult to use.

You will only slow down your processes and paralyze your human resources department. The ideal is then an intuitive solution which requires only a short time to understand. To make sure, you can test different tools before deciding. The most transparent and serious providers offer “demos” which give you an overview of software functions. These are, simply put, detailed tests.

The rates

Finally, it is wise to consider the cost of using the tool. To make it entirely available to you, the service provider defines a price which represents the costs to be incurred over a certain period.

You must take this into account when determining a budget and finding the tool that offers you the best service at a reasonable price. To choose the least expensive, prices are often displayed on the service providers’ websites, but it is sometimes necessary to request a quote based on the subscriptions offered to be able to use all the functions, or part, of the software.

What are the regulations for online pay slips?

Since 2009, the digital pay slip has become essential in the professional environment. However, its massive adoption was restricted by a major constraint. It was impossible for the employer to give a digital pay slip without the employee’s prior consent.

Considering the fact that many workers are traditionalists, it is easy to imagine how this has hindered the use of digital pay slips. Since 2016, the conditions of use of the online pay slip have been revisited.

They have been relaxed. More precisely, since January 2017, it is no longer necessary to have the employee’s authorization to send him a digital payslip. This was the missing stone in this building to promote the development of this type of pay slip. Of course, even if the worker is presumed to agree, his or her right to object is not taken away. You can therefore switch to digital payslips in your company without fear.