Equinix: the world’s largest data center provider victim of Ramsomware

photo d'un data center

Equinix, the world’s largest data center provider, recently announced that it had been the victim of ransomware. To reassure its users, the company ensures that its customers’ data has not been compromised. Data is expensive, and for that, Data centers are considered real safes, digital Fort Knoxs are however not safe from cybercriminals as demonstrated here by Equinix, world market

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Photonis: The flagship of French night vision is preparing to change flags

photo d'une vision nocturne militaire

For several months the future of Photonis, the French giant specializing in the field of night vision, has been sowing doubt. Indeed, Teledyne, a Californian company, is in the negotiation phase to buy the firm. After the sale of large groups like Alstom, Lafarge and Arcelor, would this be one sale too many? military night vision Photonis, a Bordeaux SME

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What is BPO aka Business Process Outsourcing?

illustration d'un ordinateur pour la business

Business Process Outsourcing, also known as BPO, is a method of outsourcing business processors. Indeed, when a company wishes to launch a specific project internally, an external service provider can take care of it entirely for it. If BPO arouses your curiosity, the rest of this article is likely to interest you. Outsourcing definition To carry out certain tasks that

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Umbrella company: Choosing the right legal status for your business

photo choix statut entreprise

The current period, punctuated by the COVID-19 epidemic and the financial crisis, can, for some people, be an opportunity to start their own business. The problem being that the number of legal statuses available does not help with choice. This file should help you decide and choose the best option for your future activity. This practical sheet is not intended

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Why rent an office in Paris?

louer des bureaux à paris

Paris, the French capital courted throughout the world, is a city where life is good. Very popular for its urban and bohemian atmosphere, this city is also popular for its business districts and many businessmen rush to Paris for the sole and simple purpose of setting up there and renting offices. If you are also looking for professional premises for

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Entrepreneurs: good practices to follow regarding payment and invoicing.

photo d'un entrepreneur

When you are an entrepreneur, there is one point in your activity that you cannot neglect: payment. Collecting invoice payments and offering your customers a fast, reliable and versatile means of payment is, in fact, essential for your business. In this article, the E.S News editorial team takes a look at the best practices to follow and presents here a

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How to create an event around Euro 2021 in your company?

euro 2021 marketing

Euro 2021 is coming soon! this sporting event that many fans would not miss for anything in the world is indeed fast approaching, on Friday June 11, 2021 to be precise. This date which will mark the start of the European Football Championship will punctuate with positivity, there is no doubt about this very special period that we are all

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A PABX telephone switchboard: some good reasons to adopt it

photo d'un pabx

The appearance of new technologies has not made landline telephones obsolete. Far from there ! Until today, every company worthy of the name has its own telephone line. In any sector of activity, it is still a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism. However, the use of this technology gives rise to a problem. Which telephone standard to choose? Although many

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How to become self-employed in 2021?


how to become self-employedself-employed blogger Becoming self-employed: what are the formalities in 2021? The first thing you need to think about when you want to become self-employed obviously concerns administrative procedures. Often laborious and complicated, it is clear that the administration has simplified as much as possible the procedures necessary to obtain your self-employed status. First step – Declare your

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Why and how to become a franchisee in 2021?


Becoming a Franchisee is a business model which, nowadays, is enjoying growing success with entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Whether your field of activity is crafts or commerce, choosing to become a franchisee offers you many advantages. If you want to know more about this alternative way of becoming your own boss, to know the risks and the advantages,

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Cdiscount: Complete file on this French Marketplace


The flagship of online commerce in France, Cdiscount represents much more than a simple distance selling site. Owned by a consumer goods group, it has become a veritable virtual market on a global scale. Internet users from 4 continents can find a wide range of goods and services there. This article invites you to discover more details on the tricolor

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Online CBD sales: a booming market

marché du cbd

CBD is taking the world by storm. From relatively obscure only a few years ago, the industry has exploded into a multi-billion-euro-a-year market. Just 5 to 10 years ago, CBD was often difficult to find. Today, depending on where you live, in addition to purchasing CBD online, you can find it at convenience stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, and even

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Industries: Maintenance and cleaning of industrial equipment

nettoyage industriel

In the field of industry, equipment dedicated to production represents the cornerstone of its activity. This is why its maintenance and cleaning are essential points that should not be neglected to ensure the smooth running of the business. Installation, handling, repair and cleaning are part of a package aimed ultimately at protecting the machinery against premature aging, which could harm

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BI, business intelligence & Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence, or Business Intelligence, has become a term that is often found on sites and books dealing with IT and technological news. But, what does it really mean? To what extent does it provide solutions to organizations? Get answers to these two questions in the following lines. Business intelligence: definition Business intelligence refers to processes based on the collection

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