Camaïeu victim of a cyber attack

Camaïeu, the ready-to-wear giant, was the target of a cyberattack last June. After remaining silent about this event, Ous Ouzzani, the general manager responsible for digital marketing, admits that the attack did take place. The manager, however, wanted to reassure Internet users and affirm that measures have been taken to strengthen the group’s IT security.

A dark day for the Camaïeu online store

On June 7, many Internet users simply could not access the Camaïeu site. A message was displayed on the platform saying that the platform is under maintenance. Maintenance which would therefore have taken an entire day. Camaieu then invited buyers to contact customer service to place an order.

By calling the number provided, the operator on the line suggested that you make your purchases in store while waiting for a technical problem to be resolved. Those who asked when the site would reopen were given a vague answer. Their interlocutor affirmed that the maintenance would certainly be completed towards the end of the week.

Those who had pending orders simply had to wait. The head office remained unreachable, claiming that the telephone switchboard was temporarily closed. In store, everyone could do their shopping as usual. However, only products on the shelves are available. Once these items were exhausted, we could no longer buy anything since a “major IT problem” hindered the receipt of new orders and the management of orders.

Crisis management marked by a certain opacity

Many people were already speculating about the cause of these incidents on social media. Many Internet users claimed that the company had been the victim of a hack. Against all expectations, the company didn’t let anything leak out and consumers were left in uncertainty for a long time.

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Such an attack is not a first in France. Last April, the French subsidiary of hardware retailer Würth was also the target of hackers. The latter simply managed to install ranswonware, immobilizing the entire computer system of the brand. This time, it’s impossible to shop in store. Certainly because the staff could not manage stocks correctly without a suitable tool.

Still, after almost a week of silence. Camaïeu, in the person of Ous Ouzzani, finally spoke about this event. The company acknowledged that an attack did take place. This paralyzed the entire computer system as well as the e-commerce site. However, customers’ personal data is saved.

Indeed, according to the general manager responsible for digital marketing, the hackers did not succeed in stealing the bank details and payment data of Internet users. The site should reopen in the coming days while certain measures are taken to strengthen the company’s IT security.

In any case, the spokesperson did not indicate what type of malware was used or what flaw caused this incident. It is therefore not known whether a ransom was demanded and whether the group paid any sum to get its IT infrastructure working again.