CAP aesthetic: a predominantly female sector

The world of aesthetics is a market that has been recruiting a lot in recent years. If the sector tends to become more democratic, it is clear that the people who enroll in the aesthetic CAP are predominantly women. Why is this sector almost exclusively female? Can men register for the aesthetic CAP?

The aesthetic CAP: training that is becoming more popular

If women are still the majority in the field of aesthetics, it is a profession that is open to men. Indeed, male candidates can also register for the aesthetic CAP.

However, women are the most numerous to have the CAP Aesthetics diploma, as in other related professions to well-being and beauty. In fact, we see that facial treatments, body treatments and nail beauty are most often provided by a beautician. Unlike hairdressing where there are more and more hairdressers.

Regarding training, whether for men or women, the lessons offered as part of an Aesthetics CAP are identical. They provide the necessary know-how to practice the profession. It is a course that allows you to acquire specific skills in carrying out care (make-up, body care, nail care, etc.), marketing and welcoming customers. Indeed, it is a profession where relationships are crucial to finding a place and retaining customers.

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A predominantly female clientele in institutes

The fact that women are the most numerous to be interested in the profession can also be explained by the clientele which is predominantly female. Indeed, clients are sometimes more comfortable when it is a woman who welcomes them given the nature of the care provided. Unlike hairstyle, beautician) will touch the body or face of his client, which is a gesture that can bother some people.

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In addition, clients also have the impression of being better understood by another woman who is probably experiencing the same things as them: skin problems, impact of hormones, etc. However, it is useful to remember that an employer cannot refuse to hire a person because of their gender. Both men and women can therefore apply for an offer in an institute.

What qualities are required to work in aesthetics?

To work in the field of aesthetics, it is essential to have certain qualities. It should be noted that a careful welcome is essential to building a clientele.

First, you must have moral qualities. Respect, friendliness, availability and responsiveness are traits expected in a beautician. You also need to have an impeccable appearance, because a good first impression is always important and will reassure customers.

You obviously have to be passionate about aesthetics, well-being and beauty. You must have a thorough knowledge of the different skin types as well as the different techniques used. Finally, you need to have a certain physical ability, because the back-to-back appointments, massages and other treatments can be quite tiring.