Carrefour launches a recruitment campaign on Metavers

In France, mass distribution has little appeal for data scientists, but Carrefour has just proven the opposite of this statement. The brand is leading a recruitment campaign on Metaverse. With 1,226 supermarkets to its credit, the mass retail giant plans to hire up to 3,000 specialists by 2026.

Métavers will be a hunting ground for Carrefour recruiters

Carrefour recruiters go looking for new talent on Metaverse. The virtual universe so dear to Mark Zuckerberg should allow the brand to meet its future data scientists. The retail giant recently organized a recruitment session during which its CEO Alexandre Bompard was represented by his avatar.

Carrefour mainly targets engineers who have recently graduated from the Polytechnique and graduates from the School of Mines. During his virtual intervention, the group’s CEO indicates that digital is at the heart of its activities. From the top of a lectern, his avatar gave a speech to around thirty students who came to discover the French company via Metaverse.

Data at the heart of the French group’s marketing strategies

This meeting was an opportunity for the Carrefour boss to talk about the need for data specialists in his company, which currently has some 321,000 employees. He also shared his plans for the medium and long term. Among the brand’s objectives is the promotion of stores.

The assortment will improve in the 12,200 stores spread across around thirty countries, thanks to the collection and analysis of significant flows of information on all customers. The work of data scientists should also improve personalized product recommendations. The meeting in Métavers was orchestrated by the team of Élodie Perthuisot, director of digital transformation.

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Some 3,000 data specialists within the brand

In its digitalization drive, Carrefour aims to have some 3,000 data scientists of all levels within it by 2026. This requires a whole recruitment campaign to be carried out in the coming years. The project was to begin in the near future and the French multinational hopes to rely on Métavers.

The difficulty of this recruitment campaign would be to attract specialist data engineers who have other preferred sectors than mass distribution. This observation stems from the words of Élodie Perthuisot, who herself graduated from the École Polytechnique. This engineer intends to change the situation thanks to the attraction of young people to Métavers. To be continued.