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CBD market: the explosion of online commerce

Not so long ago, CBD was an inaccessible product. To obtain them, you had to go through physical stores sometimes located hundreds of kilometers away. Today, thanks to online sales platforms, the CBD trade has become dematerialized, making access easier for enthusiasts. What are the factors behind the emergence of this online market?

Favorable purchasing conditions for your CBD products

Often confused with cannabis, cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many molecules contained in hemp plants. The particularity of CBD is that it does not have a psychotropic or psychoactive effect, unlike other hemp molecules such as THC. It therefore does not alter perceptions like drugs and other narcotics. It is also not addictive.. You therefore do not risk becoming dependent.

The benefits that CBD offers make it a very popular product. But, as it is associated with cannabis, the exploitation of which is prohibited, many people are afraid to obtain it. Indeed, cannabis is prohibited in all its forms in France, as in many other countries around the world, in particular because of its high concentration of THC. However, CBD only contains a small amount of THC. The composition threshold is generally below 0.3%. It is therefore not illegal in France. On the contrary, its exploitation, sale and consumption are regulated by law.

Today, the CBD market has experienced a real explosion due to its online expansion. Although it is legal, many people do not like to expose themselves by purchasing this cannabis-related product. Online purchasing therefore constitutes a real boon for consumers who prefer to opt for discretion. Some platforms, such as the CBD Monkey website, assure home delivery or at a relay point.

In addition, these sites also provide their customers with responsive and available after-sales service. In the event of problems with purchased products, they are able to contact their suppliers to explain the situation. By purchasing CBD online, you will no longer need to travel hundreds of kilometers to obtain supplies, because specialized physical stores are sometimes quite rare, depending on the region where you live.

CBD products online purchase

The possibility of knowing everything about the product before purchasing it

The explosion of online CBD commerce can also be explained by the fact that consumers now have the opportunity to obtain proper information. In the past, as soon as someone heard about cannabidiol, all they had to do was go to a store to get it. She was not really aware of the implications of consuming this product. In addition, she did not have enough information about the product or was satisfied with the unreliable information provided to her by those around her. As CBD is a particular product, this behavior presents a real risk. Indeed, cannabidiol must be consumed following a particular dosage, and under specific conditions.

Fortunately, today, platforms specializing in the online sale of CBD provide their customers with sufficient information. They offer complete product sheets. Thus, the consumer has a clear idea of ​​the dosage to be respected and the conditions of consumption of the product he chooses. He is even provided with recommendations based on his needs. With so many companies getting into the business of selling CBD online, the competition is even tougher.

All these e-retailers want at all costs to stand out from their competitors by making attractive offers to customers. The cost of CBD-derived products is therefore relatively affordable online, unlike physical stores where traffic is already quite limited due to customer discretion.

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Furthermore, on these sites, you can get advice by asking a professional made available to you. From now on, all people who consume CBD do so in any case, because they are scrupulously informed.

Check the customer reviews of the CBD e-shop

As in all sectors, the CBD market is not exempt from counterfeits. There are indeed many sites that sell counterfeit products to their customers. The latter, in addition to losing money, endanger their health, because the origin of the products they consume is not certified. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the sites where you go to purchase your CBD products.

To get started, first go to reference sites to find out more about cannabidiol before going to an online sales platform. It has been shown that enthusiasts who know nothing about the products are the most likely to be victims of counterfeiting. So make the effort to know a little more about the domain before making a purchase. Then you have to watch out for amazing offers. The price of CBD is certainly not relatively high, but you still have to pay a certain amount to obtain it of good quality.

The most important factor that should attract your attention is reviews from customers from the CBD website. In the absence of comments, you will have to be wary. If there are any, read them to get an idea of ​​the quality of the products offered by the e-shop. There is no need to remind you that you should definitely avoid sites that have a lot of negative reviews. Where possible, check if the supplier has quality certifications. Products made in France are, for example, renowned for their effectiveness.

CBD oil sold online

A very large selection of CBD products

On sites specializing in the sale of CBD online, you have the opportunity to offer yourself a wide variety of products. Between oils, flowers and resins, the options are multiple.

CBD oil

It is the most popular product among consumers. Standing out for its natural character, CBD oil is obtained from extracts of organic and legal hemp plants, concentrated in cannabidiol. It is recommended for people who want to consume CBD safely. In general, CBD oil is used in sublingual application. In other words, just put a few drops under your tongue. Available in different concentrations, CBD oil is often appreciated by athletes and people wishing to relieve a specific ailment. You will find a whole variety of them on platforms specializing in the sale of CBD products.

CBD flowers

Rich in cannabidiol molecules, CBD flower is generally obtained from indica, a very well-known variety of the cannabis plant. Thanks to its various advantages, it has been added to the list of substances having received authorization from European regulations in terms of CBD products. The varieties of CBD flowers most popular with consumers are White Widow or Amnesia CBD, particularly for their smell and flavor. Grown under Swiss lamps, indoors, they contain a very low level of THC.

CBD gummies

They are made in more or less the same way as CBD oil. Very low in THC concentration, CBD candies are authorized in France. They therefore do not present any particular risks for the health of consumers. The advantage of this product lies in its ease of use. You can take it anywhere and discreetly.

Although not very popular, CBD herbal teas are also quite popular. It is usually a mixture of CBD leaves and flowers, combined with other medicinal plants. The herbal tea is obviously consumed as an infusion. To find CBD candies, herbal tea, leaves, oil or flowers, you can go to specialized sites. We nevertheless recommend that you ensure the reliability of the site where you plan to make your purchases.